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Luxurious points of view.

Whip-smart product & service design.

High-level branding ideas served up with sophistication.

Unfiltered opinions paired with glamorous business guidance.

You’re determined to make your mark – to show up as a strong woman leader in the world.

And I’m determined to help you do just that, by showing you exactly how to SET THE TREND in your industry.

I’m Erika Lyremark, and I’m not only a whip-smart entrepreneur and coach, but also a fierce advocate for women in business.

I want to see women like you not only accelerate in the marketplace (by profiting big and reaching your goals) but have the confidence to gain true equity in the world through your business.

That’s why each week, I’m sharing (for free!) the BEST strategies for cultivating strong points of view, insights on developing distinct products & services, and secrets to curating a cutting edge personal brand.

Yep, I’m rolling out the red carpet for my favorite fancy ladies with a weekly live SET THE TREND TALK followed up by Q & A.

  • Would you like to uncover the “missing link” that transforms your product or service from nice-to-have into, “Yes, I MUST have that!” for your perfect prospects? (This ONE idea will change your entire business game.)
  • Or master the #1 secret to making your product or service stand out like Lady Gaga in a roomful of nuns? (This is a must-have if you want to succeed in today’s world of oversaturated markets and majorly distracted buyers.)
  • And also get my top tips for “stealing the show”? (These tips will help you create unique, memorable, and VERY attractive viewpoints that calls in your perfect prospects!)

You’ll get all that, and more, when you join my cadre of fancy ladies inside SET THE TREND.

In other words—we’re gonna cover every facet of setting the trend. No stone left unturned. And no goal left unmet.

(Because you are meant to set the trend, not follow it.)

We use a private Facebook group as our Set The Trend design studio.

All Set The Trend Talks are recorded (to capture our collective genius) and emailed out that day – so if you’re unable to attend? No worries!

Set The Trend is FREE. And did I mention glamorous?

Erika’s ideas are like VOGUE meets Harvard Business Review. Well researched, beautifully presented, succinct and informative – plus interesting points and insights. Bravo!’

—Michelle Grewal, Girl About Town & Business Strategist


Erika knows what’s up when it comes to running a successful business and she doesn’t hold back on sharing her hard-earned secrets. She makes learning about product & service design FUN with her impeccably researched ideas sprinkled with a dash of humor. Skip the boring textbooks and learn from Erika instead — I promise, it will be much more engaging!’

—Shauna Haider, Creative Director at We Are Branch


Erika is like ANNA WINTOUR – except for business. Inspiring. Immaculate Insights. Opulent Opinions. Amazing Taste. Drive & Vision! What she say resonates so much I take that as the final word (like Anna Wintour)!’

—Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker












There are boatloads of coaches, consultants, mentors and muses out there.

So, who am I?

(And why should you care?)

I’m a perpetual entrepreneur.

I’ve spent 28 years in the entrepreneurial trenches—abandoning a 9-year career in exotic dancing to co-create a multi-million dollar commercial real estate investment company and launch The Daily Whip.

I’m sharp & quick-witted.

On-air. On-camera. On the page. In the blogosphere. Captivating content reigns supreme in today’s digital marketplace, and I’ve mastered every channel.

I wrote a best-selling book.

Endorsed by Barbara Corcoran, Dan Pink & Tory Johnson and adored by thousands of fans from India to Bulgaria. (You think you’re working a tough marketplace? Try hustling your wares alongside cut-throat dancers and a roomful of customers who think they own you — in a neon bikini and six-inch stilettos.)

I’ve got style…and substance.

I hold an Apparel Design degree and a B.A. in Women Studies, with an unofficial minor in China Studies, in addition to my professional coaching and yoga instruction certifications. Street smarts, book smarts, business smarts, coaching and consulting prowess—I blend all four into a unique, whip-cracking methodology.

I’ve got boardroom battle scars.

I’ve negotiated hundreds of business deals. I’m no stranger to financial reports, brand positioning statements and investor pitch letters.

I care about you.

I love spoiling my inner circle with surprise gifts, congratulation cards and unexpected connections. I want to see them succeed—rapidly, royally and with infinite rewards. As your small business BFF, I believe that tough love can still be luxurious.

I’m your advocate.

From insisting that there be an after school softball program for girls in the 5th grade…

… to becoming known as “The Militant Stripper” during my 9 years on the pole, because I refused to let myself or any of my fellow performers be marginalized (hey, I knew my RIGHTS!)…

… to earning my degree in Women Studies because one of my classmates introduced me to the writings of Gloria Steinem, which opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing women’s potential

I’ve always been a devoted advocate of women’s equity — and of our natural-born right to do anything we can dream up.

It’s my passion to help you dream up, and DO, magic.

Let’s SET THE TREND, together. Now. Tomorrow. Forever.