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Set The Trend


Each week, I share the BEST strategies for developing life-changing, buzz-worthy products & services and a stand-out personal brand.

(Because you are meant to set the trend, not follow it.)

We use a private Facebook group as our Set The Trend design studio.

All Set The Trend Talks are recorded and emailed out that day.

Set The Trend is FREE. And did I mention glamorous?

Erika’s ideas are like VOGUE meets Harvard Business Review. Well researched, beautifully presented, succinct and informative – plus interesting points and insights. Bravo!’

—Michelle Grewal, Girl About Town & Business Strategist


Erika knows what’s up when it comes to running a successful business and she doesn’t hold back on sharing her hard-earned secrets. She makes learning about product & service design FUN with her impeccably researched ideas sprinkled with a dash of humor. Skip the boring textbooks and learn from Erika instead — I promise, it will be much more engaging!’

—Shauna Haider, Creative Director at We Are Branch


Erika is like ANNA WINTOUR – except for business. Inspiring. Immaculate Insights. Opulent Opinions. Amazing Taste. Drive & Vision! What she say resonates so much I take that as the final word (like Anna Wintour)!’

—Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker


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