If you’re climbing up the ladder of success in your DIOR stilettos, but wishing you had a discrete & non-judgy confident and creative partner-in-crime, you should become a VERY VERY V.I.P.

I’m Erika Lyremark. And I want to be your small business BFF.

I’ll listen to your hopes & dreams.

I’ll simplify & magnify your social media.

I’ll refine, amplify and synthesize your business plan.

I’ll brainstorm ideas to power up your profits & potential.

I’ll help you celebrate your success with ice-cold champagne.

I’ll co-write your ticket to total world domination—on your terms.

In VERY VERY VIP you will wipe the slate clean and ditch anything that no longer serves you, upgrade your business model, introduce new streams of revenue, launch new products & services, expand your brand, explode your creativity, and have more fun in your business than ever before.

I bring you through my unique and proprietary method that will highlight exactly what needs to be done. Vision boards are birthed. Checklists are created. Plans are formulated. Then we get to work––and keep working––as long as our combined efforts are fun & fruitful.

Invest in your future. Further your business. Cement your creative visions. Keep 100% of the equity.


– We pick a project every month for you to work on (an opt-in, an email marketing plan, an Instagram strategy, etc.)

– We meet for a private, 60-minute call to strategize & brainstorm on the project of the month

– In between monthly sessions, you’ll get creative direction, editorial feedback, and emotional support on your project of the month via email and Voxer

Then we party! Once a month, I bring all my Very Very VIP clients together for a Zoom extravaganza. You can sip on your favorite beverages––from espresso to boba to champagne––whatever fits your fancy! My co-host Christine Buzan, social media & digital marketing expert, will be there as well, ready to dish on the latest social media trends (what’s hot, what’s not) and answer any questions you have. Plus you’ll get a chance to mix & mingle with my other Very Very VIP besties.

Finally, you get access to my private library of personal playbooks.

How I Design Products & Services

How I Shape A Visibility Plan

How I Design A Personal Brand

How I Pitch Podcasts & The Press

How I Develop A Distinct Voice & Vibe

How I Create Everything

How I Design Everything

‘Since working with Erika, I’ve streamlined my business, launched a program that sold out, and spoke on a stage of over 1000 people in Las Vegas (despite struggling with a lifetime of stage fright).

Erika has been instrumental in giving me the editorial confidence and cojones where I FINALLY feel clear, comfortable, and confident in my direction … poised and ready for whatever may come next.

I owe so much of that to Erika- who is so generous with her sage advice – and when needed … a swift kick in the a$$.’

– Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker

‘Erika doesn’t TELL you what to do – she leads you to your correct answers – unveiling what you need to do to make your business successful.

She’s not your run-of-the-mill business advisor who dishes the same advice to everyone. She’s truly a master at seeing your genius and unfolding it for you and into a do-able plan.’

Adeline Arjad Cook, CEO, LOVE LOVE TENNIS

‘Working with Erika was THE best decision I could have ever made for my business. I know a lot of people say that, but she’s unlike anyone else out there on the market.

There’s no other program out there that gives you this level of high-end expertise, intimate group connection, and guidance on your business that ISN’T fluff. It’s for entrepreneurs who are serious about elevating their brand without doing the hyper, cookie-cutter, tried-and-true stuff everyone else is selling on Facebook.’

– Jennifer Lee, Strategist + Creative Director, Luxury Design Lab

I owe my confidence and definitive point of view as a Podcast Advocate, pundit, and podcast mentor zeroing in on having conversations that shift the cultural norm directly to working with Erika and her masterful weaving of story, teachings and action taking.

It’s the investment that catapulted me to who I am now as a thought leader in podcasting – championing women’s voices with a heavy emphasis in diversity and challenging outmoded cultural dynamics.

– Elsie Escobar, Co-Host – She Podcasts, Podcasting Specialist, Advocate & Pundit

To have someone with her savvy, expertise and experience in my back pocket when I need their support is priceless.

It sounds cheesy, but it feels like Erika’s the sister I go to when I need help, and she can solve any problem I throw at her. I would not be where I was now if it wasn’t for her support and belief in me. For real.

– Melissa Burkheimer, Sales Page + Conversion Designer Founder of Conversion Design School™ at Melissa Burkheimer Studios

Erika helped me transition from business owner to visionary. With her support, I had the courage to shed structures of what I thought a business needed to look like, and transform my work into its truest form. By trusting in her years of experience and passion for evolving business strategy with the times, I was able to focus on creating without questioning the finer details. Erika reminds me that the world doesn’t need any more half-hearted side hustles. It needs well-paid feminine leaders with bold viewpoints. 

– Xandra Sunglim Burns, Writer & Magical Mentor

Erika brings magic to every business she touches. She makes business – not only fun – but super natural. I never thought I could feel this way.

– Agustina Palacio, Founder, Nina Swimwear & EROTICA

Other coaches (might) keep you accountable. But Erika will make you brilliant.

She will sashay into the depths of your brain to uncover what is lust-worthy about you, your ideas, and how you work. Be careful: you will likely start getting turned on by your own business when this happens. Your customers will too.

Hang out with her for a while and you will inevitably become clearer and more decisive. In business, and in life. (Oh, and her hot seats are actually life changing. Join and see for yourself.)

Having her in my back pocket over the past year is the reason why my work is the sharpest it’s ever been. As I write this, I’ve just closed a multi-five figure contract with a perfect-fit client who loved my work so much that she decided to book 5 more projects in advance.

It’s rare to find someone who is both business-savvy and creatively-minded. Erika is just as much about the bottom-line as she is about making sure that your business feels fun, creative and totally original to you. So stop being bored. Stop being small when you know you’re meant for something big. Work with Erika. You’ll be so glad you did.

– Natalie Taylor, Launch Strategy & Copywriting for Digital Course Creators

Under my tutelage, I’ll help you …

Trust your instincts.

Create what you want to see in this world.

Fully develop as a creative genius and an entrepreneur.

So good at being uniquely—you. So focused in your craft, so creative in your messaging, so good at iterating, so good at everything you touch that even if people try to copy you, they simply cannot keep up.

I want you to succeed at the highest levels – both personally and professionally. Rapidly. Royally. With infinite rewards.

Book a complimentary consultation. This is a no-obligation opportunity for you to get my eyeballs on your business and see whether I think I can work my magic on it. For that, I DO need a few details to let me know if we’re potentially a good match.