I love business. Creative. Challenging. Tangibly rewarding. I love the marketing, making the ask, and closing the deal. Like the time my 5th grade self asked my sister if I could have her clock, then turned around and sold it at a garage sale. Once I bit the apple, there was no turning back.

Everything I’ve done in the last thirty years has intensified my entrepreneurial spirit. Exotic dancer, hustling for lap dances? Co-creating a multi-million dollar commercial real estate investment company? Coaching thousands of women to bite that apple too? Check. Check. Check. 

I know not everyone was born with the same wheel-and-deal gene. That’s why I rolled my street smarts, book smarts, and whip-cracking drive into a one-woman business coaching consultancy.

Here are my current offerings. Got something else in mind? DM me on Instagram.

TikTok Coaching

60-Minute Business Review

Mastermind & Mentorship