My attitude? You don’t need more soft-spoken advice.
And you don’t need another uninspiring newsletter clogging your inbox.

(Frankly, I don’t want to send one either! I respect us both FAR too much for that.)

You need proven tools, techniques & strategies you can use RIGHT NOW to help you:

Sell your products & services

Create marketing that brings in leads

Develop branding that reflects your most daring self

Hi! I’m Erika Lyremark (Lira-Mark). By thinking differently than my competition, I went from ex-stripper to co-creator of a multi-million dollar commercial real estate investment company, to…

The best-selling author of Think Like A Stripper,

The founder of a successful business-coaching consultancy,

And stylish Whip Leader to thousands of women.

If that’s not juicy enough to have you stabbing at the sign me up right now button, I’ll break it down for you:


The 1st week of the month, you’ll receive an audio & transcript filled with my arsenal of winning sales, marketing and branding strategies.

The 2nd week of the month, you’ll come to a LIVE group business-whipping. Jump into the hot seat and get my incisive hot takes personalized to YOU. If you can’t show up to the call, you can listen to the replay.

The 3rd week of the month, you’ll fill out an Action & Accountability Check-In. Better and more rewarding than a happy hour after an exhausting work week, these short check-ins will whip up your business.

The 4th week of the month, I’ll recommend a product, event, or promotion. Read. Listen. Learn.

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I will see you as your highest, wisest, most creative and resourceful self and hold you to that standard. Who else in your life holds the space for your greatness?

I’ll always be honest with you. I’ll dish on what’s worked for me. What hasn’t. What I’ve struggled with. And a whole lot more (like how I put on my fake eyelashes, my latest celebrity crush, or my secrets to minimalism.)

And I will never sugar coat anything. You’ll love me for it, I promise.


To mentally, emotionally and spiritually show up. To be open. To be coachable. To be honest. To be brave. To be ready to receive. To bring your biggest business desires to the table. 

I’m sharing the unconventional strategies that fueled my success, but it’s up to you to use them. #DoTheWork


After 17 years in the business coaching & consulting space and writing thousands of pages of content (books, instruction manuals, manifestos, programs, blog posts, articles, etc.), I burnt out on all the writing. So much writing I could barely look at my keyboard without wanting to cry my fake eyelashes off.

And I’m not giving YOU anything I’m not 1000% excited about.

So I went into my dream lab and asked myself, “How can I have more fun, share my ideas and give people a taste of my coaching – without starting a podcast, creating a YouTube channel, or writing endless amounts of content?”

I sat with the question for six months. 

While chopping veggies for my daily green smoothie. 

While taking out the garbage & recycling my empty kombucha bottles. 

While vacuuming my house – hoping that with every vroom the clarity would hit me. And finally one day, it did. 

THE DAILY WHIP – where I meet with you LIVE, coach you LIVE, and boss you around LIVE – is the answer.

Are you coming along for the ride?



Think you’re working in a tough marketplace? Try hustling your wares alongside cut-throat dancers and a roomful of customers who think they own you — in a neon bikini and six-inch stilettos for 9 years. That used to be me!

In 2001, I quit the strip club world and went on to co-create a multi-million commercial real estate investment company, write three books – including Think Like A Stripper (endorsed by Shark Tanks’ Barbara Corcoran), and launch my own business-coaching consultancy in 2005.

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of women grow their businesses with my unconventional ideas & whip-smart advice.

I spend my leisure time…

Organizing the contents of my cupboards for maximum beauty and efficiency #CupboardGoals

Getting my weekly therapy session from the Not Skinny, But Not Fat podcast

Debating whether dinnerware sets from the 80s should come back in style – stoneware, anyone?

And texting Gucci headquarters to let them know that I’m absolutely available to be their next cover girl.