Showing early entrepreneurial skills when she let her brother throw a pie in her face for $5, Erika Lyremark (Lira-Mark) wheeled and dealed her way through high-school, earned degrees in Apparel Design and Women Studies (with an emphasis on China Studies), spent 9 years swinging around a stripper pole, went on to co-create a multi-million dollar commercial real-estate investment company (of which she’s still a partner), and in 2009 launched The Daily Whip.

Erika documented her experiences in her best-selling book Think Like A Stripper, lauded by Dan Pink as “a smart and provocative read”, while Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran says “Erika will not only whip you into shape with her wit, humor, and no-nonsense advice, but show you how to bounce back from failure and become the confident sales superstar you’re meant to be.”

Running her business from an elegant (of course!) and secret location, Erika spends her leisure time…

Watching Gossip Girl,

Eating take-out with her hunky husband,

Admiring photos of Elo – her adorable adopted orangutan who lives in Indonesia.

And texting the Bugatti headquarters with suggestions on what to call the next generation of sports coupes. The Lyremark, of course.

She loves to donate to The Loveland Foundation, The Innocence Project, Red Apes, Union Gospel Mission, Unicef, The Humane Society, and Kiva.







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‘The truth about Ms. Lyremark: this woman eats, sleeps and breathes BUSINESS.

She can’t step into a salon, restaurant, or post office without insta-cataloging 17 ways the biz could be stronger, more irresistible, more elegant – and her instincts are impeccable. 

Better still: She genuinely LOVES her clients – with fierce pick-you-up-by-the-scruff-of-your-neck-cuz-it’s-good-for-you devotion.’

– Alexandra Franzen, Author, 50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome


‘Erika is like Anna Wintour – except for business. Inspiring, Immaculate insights, opulent opinions, amazing taste, drive, vision!

With most people that I look to for their opinions, I take their reactions, advice with a grain of salt, glean from it little tidbits of advice that resonate, ditching others- but with Erika, what she say resonates so much I take that as the final word (like Anna Wintour)!’

-Sarah Ashman, Creative Director + Style Maker


‘Erika is like Seth Godin, only with great hair and a mad sense of style.

She observes. She notices. And she turns her one-of-a-kind views on business into entertaining stories and actionable insights her clients can actually apply in their day-to-day.

When you enter Erika’s orbit, you immediately feel heard, seen, and valued. And that feeling never goes away. Once you enter the inner circle, you’re IN for life.’

– Kira Hug, Conversion Copywriter


‘Erika is actually a f*cking genius.’ 

– Paul Jarvis, Author, Company Of One


‘Working with Erika has supercharged my business + helped me get over my fear of dreaming too big. Not to mention, her understanding of my business led me directly to my most successful offering.

During one of our first conversations together, she asked what my income goal was for the year. Thanks to her whip-cracking, I’m on track to at least double that goal this year.

I’m not playing small anymore or holding myself back, because I am confident in what I do thanks to her killer instincts + no-nonsense nudges in the right direction. I also know what steps I need to take thanks to her productivity pointers + time management methods.

Without a doubt, working with Erika was the best investment in my business that I have made, period.’

– Alison Monday, Web Developer & Chief Tech, Tiny Blue Orange


‘Planning a retreat? Hosting a summit? You need Erika Lyremark.

After having her be part of The Copy Chat, I asked the 4,000+ listeners to share their favorite speaker from the series. The winner? Erika, of course. She makes every single tip feel so doable and brings her personality to everything she does. You can’t help but hang on her every word.’

– Marissa Corcoran, Copy Expert & Creator of The Copy Chat 


‘Her fearlessness rubs off on you and you can’t help but want to take risks.

A dose of Erika is like taking Viagra for your confidence. She has an elegant way of saying what she means without it being rude. And … she’s a negotiation master.

She’s at the top of her game, and her game is making business more fun, profitable, and luxurious for business owners and clients alike. She’s a pro when it comes to deciphering what’s holding someone back, and how to get them moving forward again. Her mind, body, and spirit are constantly looking for ways to make other people’s lives better, and that naturally translates into more sales, more happy customers, and bigger results for everyone she comes into contact with.’

– Nathalie Lussier, Founder & CEO Ambition Ally


“I’ve never heard a business coach or marketing strategist speak about business in a way that Erika does. My heart responds to it and her ideas excite me.”

– Grace Gordan, Actress, Activist, Art Model & Host of THE ART LIFE Podcast


‘Erika is absolutely fearless when it comes to money. Having it, creating it, and letting it flow.

On stage at Spark & Hustle, Erika energized the crowd with her whip-sharp observations and no-bull attitude, all wrapped into her seemingly endless supply of hilarious stories. If you want to ditch your money anxiety and forge a healthy relationship with your financial worth, Erika can help you with her street smarts and a huge dose of compassion.’

– Tory Johnson, #1 NY Times Bestseller of The Shift


‘Erika doesn’t just have a gift for business.  

She has an insane knack for looking at your business and your gifts, and knowing what you need to do with it all. And, of course, she’s famous for getting you to follow through.

Plus, she’s the kind of person who’ll think of an idea for you and jump on the phone to tell you. Who’s that generous, and who still uses the phone?’

– Laura Belgray, Founder of Talking Shrimp & Co-creator of The Copy Cure


‘I’ve never encountered another coach remotely like Erika and her kick-ass approach.

I’ve invested literally millions of dollars in the coaching field-founding funder of The Institute of Coaching (housed at Harvard’s Medical School McLean Hospital), funder/publisher of The Coaching Commons and many more. So I know what I’m talking about when I tell you that Erika is a complete original in the field of coaching.’

– Ruth Ann Harnisch, President of the Harnisch Foundation


‘There’s something about Ms. Lyremark that puts me in action so fast that it even makes MY head spin.

Before Erika: I always thought of myself as pushing to do better, always striving … and always challenging myself, but the second I entered her world, I realized I was only flying my flag at half mast.

It’s like she sees something that I can do and then pushes me to figure it out.’

– Anne Samoilov, Business Launch Strategist


‘I consider Erika one of the most impactful mentors that I’ve had in business.

During my time working with Erika, I was extremely creative. Incorporating her techniques into my business acumen resulted in crazy momentum!  My sales figure tripled over my target during the time that I was working with her.

Erika gets business. She gets sales. And she gets what people want in the marketplace.’

– Tracy Matthews, Bespoke, Fine Jewelry Designer & Founder of  Flourish & Thrive Academy


‘Erika is like no one else I’ve ever worked with. Her style is straightforward, intuitive, and no-nonsense yet completely loving.

With her guidance, I began to see where I was holding back and making excuses. Once she shined a light on my issues, I was able to release my blocks and fears – and accelerate my business to new levels.

My work with Erika gave me the confidence to create new products, step into the spotlight, raise my rates, sell out my classes (one class sold out in five hours with techniques I learned from her!) and hire a better team (and start acting like a boss instead of a mouse with my staff).

When I look back at where I was compared to where I am now, I have Erika to thank. She’s the rocket fuel behind the success I’ve achieved in the last few years. With what I’ve learned from our work together, there is nothing holding me back any more. The sky is truly the limit and I’ve got some extra swagger in my business step on the way up.’

– Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady


‘I’m not much for going along with the crowd. I prefer to figure things out by myself and I eschew most of the ‘popular’ wisdom.

But I made an exception a few years back when my dreams of turning over a new professional leaf just couldn’t be put to rest any longer… and EVERYONE was raving about Erika.

How great can she be? I wondered. One call with her revealed the answer.

I knew instantly I had stumbled upon a rare talent: someone who could not only see my (and others’) brilliance but could draw it out AND somehow get me excited about being in action, without the associated fear.

I’d swear by my firstborn son that she sprinkles magic fairy dust in the air before getting on the line with her clients and students. You just can’t be in Erika’s presence and NOT make tons of progress in your business.

Within months of meeting her, I was able to transition from a 20+ year career plus a ‘side hustle’… to turning that ‘side hustle’ into a lucrative full-time business that has sustained me ever since. NO ONE else had been able to help me do that—not even the big name guru types I’d worked with before.’

– Helen Hunter Mackenzie, CEO, Hunter Mackenzie Group


‘What Erika dishes out is the stuff that makes a woman’s soul tingle, because she pulls out your truth and pairs it with her impeccable business knowledge.

I don’t trust many people to give me business advice, because quite honestly, most of it is regurgitated materials that aren’t relevant to my soul — counsel that makes me either yawn or feel icky.

But if you value your business and truly want to be the best at what you do, then you need to hire the best. That’s why Erika is my GO-TO GAL when I’m feeling stuck or just need a kick in the derrière. She’s one of the few people I will allow to French Kiss my Business.’

– Tonya Leigh, Joie de Vivre Founder, Curator & Instigator For the French Kiss Life Movement


‘Working with Erika was mind blowingly awesome.

I have worked with quite a few business coaches, consultants, mentors and muses over the last 20 years of running my own business, and none have inspired the changes in my business that Erika has. Within 10 minutes of our call Erika had turned my ‘small business’ into the makings of what I like to now call ‘My Perfect Empire‘.

In the year since that phone call I have taken my perfume line from a small time operation, to being carried at Anthropologie, and featured in Refinery 29, Allure, Daily Candy, Redbook and People Stylewatch!

As long as I am in business I will be depending on Erika to take me to the next level…’

– Julie Wray, Perfume Designer


‘Erika has an intuitive mensa-like grasp of business.

And coming from a corporate background (Chanel and Tiffany), I wanted to work with someone who understands what it takes to succeed, in a creative and compassionate way. She’s been a successful business owner and a born entrepreneur, so working with Erika was both inspiring and empowering.

– Holli Thompson, Author, Discover Your Nutritional Style, CHHC, CNHP


‘Erika has the charisma of a Superstar. The smarts of a Mogul. The instincts of a Maverick.

Lyremark Magic should be experienced first-hand. If you feel drawn to work with her, listen to that voice. I did, and it was one of the very best business decisions I have ever made.’

– Victoria Prozan, Creative Power Coach