I knew I was meant to be an entrepreneur (or a circus performer) when I let my brother throw a pie in my face for $5. And started my first business at the age of seven when I talked my Mom into paying me to memorize Bible verses. I then wheeled and dealed my way through high-school (staking my independence by moving into my own bachelorette pad before I even graduated), went on to earn degrees in Apparel Design and Women Studies (with an emphasis on China Studies), spent 9 years swinging around a stripper pole, then co-created a multi-million dollar commercial real-estate investment company, and founded The Daily Whip in 2009 where I’ve whipped thousands of entrepreneurs into shape with my unconventional ideas and alluring advice.

I documented her experiences in my best-selling book Think Like A Stripper, lauded by Dan Pink as “a smart and provocative read”, while Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran says “Erika will not only whip you into shape with her wit, humor, and no-nonsense advice, but show you how to bounce back from failure and become the confident sales superstar you’re meant to be.”

I spend my leisure time…

Watching reruns of the original Gossip Girl,

Eating take-out with my hunky husband,

Admiring photos of Elo – my adopted orangutan who lives in Indonesia.

And texting the Bugatti headquarters with suggestions on what to call the next generation of sports coupes. The Lyremark, of course.

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‘Erika knows what’s up when it comes to running a successful business and she doesn’t hold back on sharing her hard-earned secrets. She makes reading fun with her impeccably researched articles sprinkled with a dash of humor. Skip the boring textbooks and learn from Erika instead, I promise, it will be much more engaging!” – Shauna Haider, Creative Director, We Are Branch

‘Erika doesn’t just have a gift for business. She has an insane knack for looking at your business and your gifts, and knowing what you need to do with it all. And, of course, she’s famous for getting you to follow through. Plus, she’s the kind of person who’ll think of an idea for you and jump on the phone to tell you. Who’s that generous, and who still uses the phone?’ – Laura Belgray, Founder of Talking Shrimp & Co-creator of The Copy Cure

The first time I met Erika Lyremark, I was completely intimidating. She was a chic-mama-jama with jet black hair, poured into a silver dress & a pair of stilettos. Legs for miles. Sharp as a tack. Impenetrable power, embodied. Her business was called The Daily Whip. And lemme me tell you – I feared the whip! It took a year of friendship, collaboration, and Galactic Pizza before I realized the truth about Ms. Lyremark: this woman eats, sleeps and breathes BUSINESS. She can’t step into a salon, restaurant, or post office without insta-cataloging 17 ways the biz could be stronger, more irresistible, more elegant – and her instincts are impeccable. Better still: She genuinely LOVES her clients – with fierce pick-you-up-by-the-scruff-of-your-neck-cuz-it’s-good-for-you devotion. She has a witchy way of getting to the crux of what’s up, before you even have time to catch your breath. Her whip is fierce & unforgiving. But you always thank her, later.”– Alexandra Franzen, Author, 50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome