Hello! I’m Erika Lyremark (Lira-Mark).

Your glamorous guide to all things Daily Whip: Elegant hustling. Whip-smart sales. Sexy product design. And super-chic un-boring business advice.

I love business. LOVE it. And I love making money.

Did you notice that my last name is a combination of global currencies? Lira-Mark. So my interest in making money began before I was born. And it’s only grown from there.

I’m also the author of Think Like A Stripper: Business Lessons To Up Your Confidence, Attract More Clients & Rule Your Market.

I wrote it for 3 reasons.

1. I want women to be ecstatic about selling themselves, their ideas, and their products & services. Excited. Eager. Enthusiastic. Exhilarated. All the ‘e’ words. Because when women know how to sell, they make more money. And when women make more money, the world is a cooler, smarter, better place.

2. I learned a lot of positive (and important) business lessons while swingin’ around the stripper pole for 9 years. Yes, the skills are most definitely transferable. Because making money was more about mindset than it was about my itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny silver bikini.

Those same mindsets & skills helped me co-create a multi-million dollar commercial real estate investment company, and found a thriving business coaching consultancy where I help personality-driven, woman-owned businesses design products & services that sell, that sell, baby, sell. 

3. Those personality-driven, woman-owned businesses I mentioned above? That’s you. And it’s my mission to show you that business doesn’t have to be boring. And that selling & marketing doesn’t suck … when you do it my way.

#SalesConfidence. That’s what I give to you. Because #SalesConfidence is the first step to creating the business and the life that you want.

Aside from running my business from an elegant (of course!) and secret location, I spend my leisure time…

Watching reruns of Gossip Girl,

Eating take-out with my hunky husband, Chad,

Getting my 10,000 steps,

Admiring photos of Elo – my adorable adopted orangutan who lives in Indonesia,

And texting the Bugatti headquarters with suggestions on what to call the next generation of sports coupes. The Lyremark, of course.

SIGN: Freedom fighting Aquarius, with a sexy stellium in fiery Sagittarius. What does that mean? That I won’t stop until every smart, fancy lady knows how to sell, baby, sell.

FAVORITE LIPGLOSS: “SO MOD” by RODIN with jasmine and neroli olio lusso – so luxurious. It’s like biting into a piece of heaven.

LIFE MOTTO: Bow down and serve me – Just kidding! Not really. Maybe …

FASHION OBSESSION: Prada patent leather deerskin handbag – swoon.

CELEBRITY OBSESSIONS: Kourtney Kardashian, Tamara Mellon, Kara Swisher – the lips, the eyes, the ambition! These ladies know from world domination.

PERSONAL HEROES: My Mom for teaching me how to forgive like my life depends on it. And my Dad for showing me how to be relentless & creative in getting what I want. Together, they made me compassionately unstoppable.



‘The truth about Ms. Lyremark: this woman eats, sleeps and breathes BUSINESS.

She can’t step into a salon, restaurant, or post office without insta-cataloging 17 ways the biz could be stronger, more irresistible, more elegant – and her instincts are impeccable. 

Better still: She genuinely LOVES her clients – with fierce pick-you-up-by-the-scruff-of-your-neck-cuz-it’s-good-for-you devotion.’

– Alexandra Franzen, Author, 50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome


Erika is like Seth Godin, only with great hair and a mad sense of style.

She observes. She notices. And she turns her one-of-a-kind views on business into entertaining stories and actionable insights her clients can actually apply in their day-to-day.

When you enter Erika’s orbit, you immediately feel heard, seen, and valued. And that feeling never goes away. Once you enter the inner circle, you’re IN for life.’

– Kira Hug, Conversion Copywriter


‘Her fearlessness rubs off on you and you can’t help but want to take risks.

A dose of Erika is like taking Viagra for your confidence. She has an elegant way of saying what she means without it being rude. And … she’s a negotiation master.’

– Nathalie Lussier, Founder & CEO Ambition Ally


‘Erika doesn’t just have a gift for business.  

She has an insane knack for looking at your business and your gifts, and knowing what you need to do with it all. And, of course, she’s famous for getting you to follow through.’

– Laura Belgray, Founder of Talking Shrimp & Co-creator of The Copy Cure


‘I consider Erika one of the most impactful mentors that I’ve had in business.

During my time working with Erika, I was extremely creative. Incorporating her techniques into my business acumen resulted in crazy momentum!  My sales figure tripled over my target during the time that I was working with her.

Erika gets business. She gets sales. And she gets what people want in the marketplace.”

– Tracy Matthews, Bespoke, Fine Jewelry Designer & Founder of  Flourish & Thrive Academy


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