There’s something I hear again and again from my clients when I ask why they decided to work with me. They say, “Erika, you’re so confident, I just want it to rub off on me!”

People assume that to be a stripper (for 9 years, no less), you’ve got to have some big cojones.

And they’re right. But not for the reasons you think. 

It’s not about getting naked. 

Trust me, you get over that part real quick. 

But to actually make money as a stripper, you have to have the confidence to ask for the sale, again and again – just like you do in any other business. 

Sure, guys show up ready to hand over their hard earned money, but there are 20 other strippers who also showed up, ready to out dance you for every dime.

To be the stripper who gets the dance (and the cold hard cash), I had to saunter onto the stage acting as if every guy in the club was there to give ME his money, and no one else. It was all mine.

Because here’s the thing, if you don’t believe you can get the job, make the sale or win the contract, no one else will, either. 

If you’re confident before the sale, you’ll follow through with the same money-attracting charisma that will make people want to work with you. 

And the key to being confident is being cool and collected—not cocky and desperate—even if everything isn’t perfect. 

My biggest money making nights had nothing to do with how fabulous and sexy I looked and smelled, or even how drop-dead amazing my stage performances were. 

I banked when I brought fun energy and a good attitude to the dance floor.

You’ll read more about this in the intro to the book where I tell the story about the one night I decided not to give a hot-damn about my appearance, I was simply there to have a good time.

I didn’t comb my hair, or powder my nose, or fix my lipstick – and I got so sweaty, I eventually looked more like a mug shot than a showgirl. And despite my less-than-gorgeous appearance, I banked, baby, banked!

Too many entrepreneurs worry about the stuff that doesn’t really matter, instead of focusing on their bigger game. And that’s one of the many reasons I wrote, Think Like A Stripper

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