If you’re climbing up the ladder of success in your DIOR stilettos, but wishing you had a discreet & non-judgy confident, emotional support animal, and creative partner-in-crime who can help you corral & execute all your ideas, you should join me in B.E.D.––my one-to-one, 6-month business accelerator that help you become B.old, E.ditorial & D.ecisive.

When your B.E.D.––your business will be impossible to copy.

You’ll be so good at being uniquely—you. So focused in your craft, so creative in your messaging, so good at iterating, so good at everything you touch that even if people try to copy you, they simply cannot keep up.

In B.E.D., you will wipe the slate clean and ditch anything that no longer serves you, upgrade your business model, introduce new streams of revenue, launch new products & services, expand your brand, explode your creativity––and have more fun in your business than ever before.

Every idea we work on together will be explored and finessed in the same way I arrange and organize my skincare closet––with love and attention to the tiniest of details. And I can promise that you will be obsessed with what we create in B.E.D. It will feel like you and look like you.


– We meet once a month via Zoom for 60-90 minutes, where I bring you through my unique and proprietary method that will highlight exactly what needs to be done. Vision boards are birthed. Checklists are created. Plans are formulated. Then we get to work.

I’ll channel my psychic, bossy-pants intuition to ask you tough questions that will expand your potential. You’ll always know exactly what to do next. You’ll open your mind to unseen opportunities. You’ll get aligned. You’ll be challenged. And you’ll love it. Future projections and infinite creative direction. Nothing is off the table during these private calls. No stone left unturned. No desire left unmet.

– In between monthly sessions, you’ll get creative direction, editorial feedback, and emotional support on creating your B.E.D. Business via email and Voxer.

Whether we’re crafting your Instagram feed, a YouTube channel, a podcast, an ‘about’ page, or revamping an opt-in, I’ll keep you focused and on track so you get the most bang for your buck in B.E.D.


I didn’t just drop out of the sky and onto the internet with jet-black bobbed hair, poured into a leather dress & a pair of stilettos––slick, bossy advice dripping from my bright red Tom Ford lips.

When I launched my business in 2005, I was afraid that if anyone knew about my former career swingin’ round a stripper pole in my birthday suit & silver glitter stilettos, they would never take me seriously––or ever, ever want to work with me.

So, I buttoned up––we’re talking generic pantsuits, sensible heels, even pale pink brand colors. I also kept my most treasured characteristics tucked away: my passion for luxury, my striking stiletto collection, my gritty stripper past. Not even my beloved bossiness!

Finally, after four years of feeling boxed-in and bored, stifled and unseen, I knew that I couldn’t continue (and would eventually fail) if I didn’t let my b.old, e.ditorial & d.ecisive. self come out.

So, I gave myself permission to shed the ‘professional’ image I had worked so hard to curate (not to mention tens of thousands of dollars spent on marketing materials & impressive accoutrements) and slipped into something a bit more me––in 2009 The Daily Whip was born.

Shortly after I launched my website, I shared my stripper story on stage in front of a group of young professionals. (Why start small, right?).

Astonishingly, no one booed me––or threw rotten tomatoes. Rather, the crowd gave me kudos and compliments. My confidence skyrocketed. The Daily Whip took off. And I haven’t looked back.

Everything I do in my business from the names of my products & services (TripleXpert, B.E.D. Elegant Hustling) to the titles of my books (Think Like A Stripper, Revenue, Results & Red Carpet Dreams, Very Very V), to how I sign my name (XXXO, Kisses + Whippings, Your Whip Leader) to the sharp advice I dole out (Be bold, or be mold!) is b.old, e.ditorial & d.ecisive.

Shortly after I launched The Daily Whip in 2009, I noticed that the more b.old, e.ditorial & d.ecisive I was––the more my confidence grew and I attracted the right kinds of clients and opportunities into my life.

And the more I encouraged my clients to be more b.old, e.ditorial & d.ecisive––the more their confidence grew and they attracted the right kinds of clients and opportunities into their life.

So in 2022, I decided to make B.E.D. a permanent offer in my product suite. It started out as a year-long mastermind, and has morphed into a one-to-one, 6-month business accelerator.

At this very deep level, I get to know how you think, what’s important to you, and how you structure your identity.

I’ll uncover how you hold yourself back and hidden opportunities to leverage what you love most about yourself and your business.

And then because I know the deeper stuff about you, I’ll be able to help you create ideas for your business that are customized just for you. Whether it for a product suite, your Instagram feed, your newsletter, or something else––it will feel like you, look, like you, sound like you.


My work in B.E.D. is inspired by brands, businesses and best practices that represent the B.E.D. philosophy: B.old, E.ditorial & D.ecisive.

From Mansur Gavriel’s simple, minimal & luxurious handbags, to Tom Ford’s views on perfectionism, to KLUR’s beautifully branded products and messaging, to Aurora James’ strict viewpoints on putting your products on sale, to Christian Louboutin changing the beauty market with a $50 nail polish, to how The Fifteen Percent Pledge’s specificity creates retail equity for black owned businesses.

By being b.old, e.ditorial & d.ecisive they know who they are, they know what they want, they know how to get there. Multiplying their creative power and increasing their profit potential with simple, yet expansive brands and business models.

Beyond Average

The peer pressure to be average is intense. My wish for you in B.E.D. is to stop watering down your intelligence, ideas, and creativity and instead be b.old, e.ditorial & d.ecisive across every aspect of your business from your ‘about’ page, to your sales pages, to your visibility plan, to how you serve your customers, to your positioning.

Clients who integrate the B.E.D. philosophy go on to upgrade their business models, introduce new streams of revenue, launch new products & services, publish podcasts & books, hire new team members, explode their creativity and use their platforms to shape the world with their unique visions.

B.E.D. will help you speak up, step up, stand out––and do it with a vivacious gleam in your eye. There are plenty of people with ho-hum, same-old same-old businesses, yet VERY few who rise above the ordinary and stay true to their vision––join their ranks, and have a lot of fun doing it!


$5000 / Available in 6 and 12 month payment plans.

‘Erika doesn’t TELL you what to do – she leads you to your correct answers – unveiling what you need to do to make your ideas successful.

She’s not your run-of-the-mill business advisor who dishes the same advice to everyone. She’s truly a master at seeing your genius and unfolding it for you and into a do-able masterpiece.’

Adeline Arjad Cook, CEO, LOVE LOVE TENNIS

‘Erika played a crucial role in establishing our YouTube channel. Her contributions were indispensable, extending from brainstorming the vibe, devising creative concepts, shaping the channel’s aesthetic, curating the imagery, and crafting the opening and closing segments. More importantly, she made a dedicated effort to grasp our company’s core mission and vision––making sure that the content we discuss in our weekly videos align seamlessly with the impact we want to make through our channel.

We also enlisted Erika’s services to streamline our offerings and product suite so we could concentrate on our strengths and let go of the rest. Her assistance has significantly simplified our business operations and facilitated growth at a manageable pace, making sure both new and existing customers receive the attention and care they deserve.

We also got her help on our rebrand. She made sure all the components played nicely together from the graphic design, to the messaging, to the copy on our website. She skillfully extricated us from an outdated brand identity and guided us towards a future-facing, revitalized brand.

Erika isn’t just my business coach, she’s truly a creative powerhouse, and a permanent part of our creative team. If you’ve got wild creativity, and have outgrown the paint-by-number approach that most business coaches offer, Erika is the ideal collaborator to bring your creative visions to life.’

– Sally Haughey, CEO, Wunderled

‘Since working with Erika, I’ve streamlined my business, launched a program that sold out, and spoke on a stage of over 1000 people in Las Vegas (despite struggling with a lifetime of stage fright).

Erika has been instrumental in giving me the editorial confidence where I FINALLY feel clear, comfortable, and confident in my direction … poised and ready for whatever may come next.

I owe so much of that to Erika- who is so generous with her sage advice – and when needed … a swift kick in the a$$.’

– Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker

‘Working with Erika was THE best decision I could have ever made for my business. I know a lot of people say that, but she’s unlike anyone else out there on the market.

There’s no other program out there that gives you this level of high-end expertise and guidance on your business that ISN’T fluff. It’s for entrepreneurs who are serious about elevating their brand without doing the hyper, cookie-cutter, tried-and-true stuff everyone else is selling on Facebook.’

Jennifer Lee, Strategist + Creative Director, Luxury Design Lab

‘I owe my confidence and definitive point of view as a Podcast Advocate, pundit, and podcast mentor zeroing in on having conversations that shift the cultural norm directly to working with Erika and her masterful weaving of story, teachings and action taking.

It’s the investment that catapulted me to who I am now as a thought leader in podcasting – championing women’s voices with a heavy emphasis in diversity and challenging outmoded cultural dynamics.’

Elsie Escobar, Co-Host – She Podcasts, Podcasting Specialist, Advocate & Pundit

‘Over the past few years, we’ve collaborated closely to transform me from being exclusively a sales page designer to a conversion designer, specializing in branding, messaging, and positioning for both high-end product based businesses and online brands.

With her help, my business dreams are coming true. Because I’m so clear on who I am and what I want, I’ve been able to manifest creative projects in the industries I want to work in––without really trying. I can’t recommend Erika enough!’

– Melissa Burkheimer, CEO + Conversion Design Director of Melissa Burkheimer Studio

‘Erika helped me transition from business owner to visionary. With her support, I had the courage to shed structures of what I thought a business needed to look like, and transform my work into its truest form. By trusting in her years of experience and passion for evolving business strategy with the times, I was able to focus on creating without questioning the finer details. Erika reminds me that the world doesn’t need any more half-hearted side hustles. It needs well-paid feminine leaders with bold viewpoints.’

Xandra Sunglim Burns, Writer & Magical Mentor

‘Erika helped me cut the mental & creative clutter so I could focus on what I do best. Developing six and seven figure funnels for info products for creative entrepreneurs. A bold audacious mirror that stares back at you and tells you to f*cking do it, Erika will push you to places you didn’t know had. I’ve worked with Erika for years and I would never look back.’

Nicole Edwards, Launch Coach & Strategist

‘Other coaches (might) keep you accountable. But Erika will make you brilliant.

She will sashay into the depths of your brain to uncover what is lust-worthy about you, your ideas, and how you work. Be careful: you will likely start getting turned on by your own business when this happens. Your customers will too.

Hang out with her for a while and you will inevitably become clearer and more decisive. In business, and in life. (Oh, and her hot seats are actually life changing. Join and see for yourself.)

Having her in my back pocket over the past year is the reason why my work is the sharpest it’s ever been. As I write this, I’ve just closed a multi-five figure contract with a perfect-fit client who loved my work so much that she decided to book 5 more projects in advance.

It’s rare to find someone who is both business-savvy and creatively-minded. Erika is just as much about the bottom-line as she is about making sure that your business feels fun, creative and totally original to you. So stop being bored. Stop being small when you know you’re meant for something big. Work with Erika. You’ll be so glad you did.’

Natalie Taylor, Launch Strategy & Copywriting for Digital Course Creators