MAY 6, 2024 – MAY 24, 2024

Immerse yourself in the only 3-week advanced accountability program for entrepreneurs that builds clarity, confidence, and courage by making you do the work that needs to be done––No excuses. No duck & cover. No Whipster left behind.

You should do The Morning Whip because the world is chaotic. We are all doing our best but it’s hard to make traction, right? Well, Morning Whip is a magic container, it accelerates, supports, sees where you are stuck and gets you into motion, action and energy. From Erika as the facilitator with a laser sharp eye and deep belief in you to being in community––I think it’s even more essential now than ever. And it’s so individualised, personal and focussed. Erika isn’t afraid to call people in on their favoured excuses because she really cares about our success. – Grace Quantock

You should sign up for The Morning Whip because it holds you accountable to doing the thing you say you’re going to do. There are these amazing audios that give you TONS of ideas for bold moves. I’m a fantasy photographer and erotic artist and I got so many fresh ideas for my business that I would have never thought of if it wasn’t for The Morning Whip. I got inspired to visit venues for my next gallery showing, I applied for business grants, I streamlined my website, updated my Instagram, and hired someone to edit my photos (something I had never thought of before Morning Whip). Also, when Erika is coaching on the live calls, she really listens to what’s being said then cuts through the fluff and fine tunes what you need. Oh and the community. WOW! It’s so fun to make bold moves with a group of other entrepreneurs cheering you on. – Katy Rayne

You should do The Morning Whip because it helps you see yourself as you really are, your true talents and unique value you offer the world. And it feels more gentle than the name would imply. It’s also the best accountability program for doing the bold things you have always thought of but never took action on. Erika is right there with you the whole time with direct access to her years of business building and coaching experience. – Natasha Wozniak

You should join The Morning Whip if you want an accountability program that helps propel you to take action––in an unabashed way to move the needle forward. There’s this list of 50 bold moves that’s perfect to get the juices flowing, and Erika’s presence for support and accountability is enormously helpful––not to mention, she’ll give you extra support and send you additional guidebooks to help you achieve your bold moves. The Morning Whip is incredibly inspiring to keep you moving forward. – Charlene Mac