My attitude? You don’t need soft-spoken advice. Navel gazing. Or feel good cheerleading. And you don’t need another uninspiring newsletter clogging your inbox. (Frankly I don’t want to send one either! I respect us both far too much for that.) What you actually need is a Whip Leader who will help you:

STOP making excuses.
(Yes, ‘I need to pluck my eyebrows this second’ is one of them.)

START taking hardcore action.
(Spying on your competition won’t move the needle.)

MOVE closer to your business dreams.
(Watching Euphoria does not count.)

THE DAILY WHIP is the FREE coaching program where I whip you into action.
(Definitely not another yawn-inducing weekly newsletter.)



Confidence is earned, through daily action & accountability— just like putting coins in a Confidence Bank.

Some actions earn you a couple of nickels. Other actions can earn you a big stack of crisp $100 bills. And others can make you a Confidence Billionaire. (Look out, Oprah!) The more you do, the more you earn. The more you risk, the more you keep. And once those coins are in your bank, nobody can take them away from you.

Me? I haven’t always been flush with business confidence. I earned my coins, just like everybody else. Here’s how I filled my bank:

I built the confidence to sell — and keep my dignity intact — while working as an exotic dancer for 9 years. (You think you’re working a tough marketplace? Try hustling your wares alongside cut-throat dancers and a roomful of customers who think they own you — in a neon bikini and six-inch stilettos.)

I built the confidence to act — and act consistently — after leaving the pole to co-create a multi-million dollar commercial real estate investment company, where it was up to me to make our portfolio powerful & profitable.

I built the confidence to grow — despite plenty of skeptics — by reinventing myself as the creator of The Daily Whip where I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs dial up their confidence, attract more clients & rule their markets.

Whether your goal is to crank up your sales, land your first speaking gig, shop that book proposal to the hottest agent in town, or woo the investor with the power to change your destiny, the reality is:

You’re going to need a LOT of coins in your Confidence Bank. Let’s make you rich!

‘What Erika dishes out is the stuff that makes a woman’s soul tingle, because she pulls out your truth and pairs it with her impeccable business knowledge. I don’t trust many people to give me business advice, because quite honestly, most of it is regurgitated materials that aren’t relevant to my soul — counsel that makes me either yawn or feel icky. But if you value your business and truly want to be the best at what you do, then you need to hire the best. That’s why Erika is my GO-TO GAL when I’m feeling stuck or just need a kick in the derrière. She’s one of the few people I will allow to french kiss my business.’ – Tonya Leigh, Founder of The School Of Self-Image & School Of Self-Image Podcast

‘Erika is like ANNA WINTOUR – except for business. Inspiring. Immaculate Insights. Opulent Opinions. Amazing Taste. Drive & Vision! What she says resonates so much I take that as the final word (like Anna Wintour)!’ With most people who I look to for their opinions, I take their reactions & advice with a grain of salt, glean from it little tidbits that resonate, ditching others- but with Erika, what she say resonates so much I take that as the final word. Since working with her, I’ve streamlined my business, launched my program MirrorBrand (and it sold out!), spoke on a stage of over 1000 people in Las Vegas (despite struggling with a lifetime of stage fright). And I’m in the process of preparing my business to be able to be a new mom. How’d I manage to get all of this done? Erika has been instrumental in giving me the cojones, the laser focus, and the momentum to have gotten to the point in my business where I FINALLY feel clear, comfortable, and confident in my direction … poised and ready for whatever may come next. I owe so much of that to Erika- who is so generous with her time, energy, sage advice – and when needed … a swift kick in the a$$.’ – Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker

Other coaches (might) keep you accountable. But Erika will make you brilliant. She will sashay into the depths of your brain to uncover what is lust-worthy about you, your ideas, and how you work. Be careful: you will likely start getting turned on by your own business when this happens. Your customers will too. Hang out with her for a while and you will inevitably become clearer and more decisive. In business, and in life. (Oh, and her hot seats are actually life changing. Join and see for yourself.) Having her in my back pocket over the past year is the reason why my work is the sharpest it’s ever been. As I write this, I’ve just closed a multi-five figure contract with a perfect-fit client who loved my work so much that she decided to book 5 more projects in advance. It’s rare to find someone who is both business-savvy and creatively-minded. Erika is just as much about the bottom-line as she is about making sure that your business feels fun, creative and totally original to you. So stop being bored. Stop being small when you know you’re meant for something big. Get into B.E.D. You’ll be so glad you did. – Natalie Taylor, Launch Strategy & Copywriting for Digital Course Creators