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PERIOD PANTIES, Conscious Capitalism & And Why You Should Never Reinvent The Wheel


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Elon Musk didn’t reinvent the electric car. He tweaked how the car functions.

Buttons with a shank one-upped buttons with holes in them – which were notorious for breaking in half under stress conditions.

(The inventor must have known that one day women would adore the torturous ritual of stuffing ourselves into skinny jeans.)

Zippers one-upped buttons so ladies could dress themselves without a maid.

And let’s not even talk about Velcro. Read more

Post Date: October 3, 2016

Are You Playing It Cool? Or Playing To WIN?



Ever heard of Barbara Corcoran?

The real estate maven who turned a $1000 loan into a multi-million dollar empire?

My favorite judge on Shark Tank?

And the woman I wanted to endorse Think Like A Stripper?

The only problem to getting that endorsement? I didn’t know Barbara. Or any friends who knew her either.

So in order to get my book into her fancy-lady hands, I had to quit playing it cool.

In fact, I had to be completely uncool – and do something ballsy, dramatic, and a little weird. Read more

Post Date: September 29, 2016

MARK’D MASTERY SHOWCASE: Aycee Brown, Founder of Goodnight Darling Co.


Want to rule like a Queen? And also sleep like one? Then meet Aycee Brown: Founder of Goodnight Darling Co.

A company that provides luxurious natural products & education to help women sleep like a queen.

And if you remember from Think Like A Stripper … I DO love my beauty rest. So  I was freakishly excited when Aycee signed up to #GetMARK’D a few months.

Isn’t Aycee beautiful?


I could go on and on about her deliciousness – and why I purchase Good Night Darling Co.’s products (especially the Fade to Black tea & tincture). Read more

Post Date: September 18, 2016
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