Hey, it’s Erika Lyremark!

Did you know that when a product or service is intentionally designed to get your customers results…

And I’m not just talking about unicorn customers who crush everything they touch, I’m talking about the majority of your customers…

That your product or service will sell, reliably and repeatedly.

So many business-coaching-programs give people lots of breakthroughs, but they don’t deliver RESULTS.

My commitment in TripleXpert is not only to help you create a winning product or service that sells, reliably and repeatedly, but gets RESULTS for your customers too.

For example, Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker, invested in TripleXpert. 

And within 90 days, her return on her TripleXpert investment was exactly 490%.

She filled her MirrorBrand Certification Program in one week with no sales page, no pitches, and no public announcements.

Amazing, right? 

For years Sarah had been dreaming about creating a high-end certification program where she would teach and mentor copywriters, designers, photographers, and other creatives in how to develop and curate personality-based brands.

She just didn’t know if it was possible to duplicate her 18+ years of agency and industry experience with brands like Madonna, Aerin Lauder, Melanie Duncan, Kira Hug, and The Author Incubator into a cohesive program that would get results for her mentees.

That is until Sarah did TripleXpert. 

During our 3 weeks together, I helped her take her giant list of ideas, whittle them down to the essentials, and develop a 9-month curriculum that helps her students soar. 

Better yet, she’s not just mentoring them in brand development and creative direction, she’s giving them additional tools and strategies that they can then go and implement in their own businesses to raise their prices and make a name for themselves.

Sarah got a ginormous return on her TripleXpert investment. All because I helped her design MirrorBrand so that her clients would get results.

And now her MirrorBrand clients will get a massive return on their investment (being able to add more value to their offerings – which-in-turn will help them raise their prices and build a name for themselves).

The days of the ‘that’s-nice-to-have”offering are OVER.

Because offerings that don’t consistently get customers results are, eventually, dead-in-the-water for 2 reasons:

#1 If you don’t get your customers results, you won’t believe in what you’re doing and you will start to doubt yourself. And mindset is the precursor to having more sales.

#2 If you don’t get your customers results, you will become exhausted from marketing and selling a ‘that’s-nice-offer vs. a lean-mean-results-oriented-offer. Customer results are the holy grail of marketing & selling.

Self-doubt, burnout, and low sales is business-death.

So, if you don’t have a product or service that makes people go, “OMG I have to have this NOW,” then you might as well quit your business dream.

I’m not saying that to be unkind.

I’m saying it because I can help you.

While a lot of other business coaches will give you the “You go girl!” kind of rah rah feel-good bullshit pat on the back that won’t get you ANY closer to where you want to be if you don’t design a product or service that gets results for your customers.

Because if you don’t get results for your customers you don’t have a business.

You have the kind of life where you wake up every day and wonder where you’ve gone wrong.

So the question is: do you REALLY want to create a product or service that gets your  customers results and sells, reliably and repeatedly?

If the answer is yes, then invest in TripleXpert. 

By the time I’m done with you, you will have designed a winning product or service that will change your customers’ lives – because it’s getting them results – and will sell, reliably and repeatedly.

So how do we do that?

Allow me to introduce the core design strategies from the TripleXpert Design System.

DESIGN STRATEGY 1: Play In The World Of Imagination

For 3 weeks, you will shut out the noise and play in the world of your imagination. Because when you expand your imagination and you go to those places that you don’t normally allow yourself to go to that’s where all the cool ideas are created. 

In TripleXpert, I will encourage you to be naughty and push the envelope just to see what you can get away with. And to ask yourself, “Could what I’m creating actually be this simple & fun?” 

You will be asked to break the normal patterns that you put yourself into. To stay away from books, podcasts, and YouTube videos that are business oriented. I want you to get out of your business zone and move into your creative zone. To be playful. To let your imagination party like a rock star.

Business should never be boring. And your best ideas will come through you when you’re having a ton of fun. That’s why I will encourage you to binge on Netflix, read books that you wouldn’t normally read and go to places that you wouldn’t normally go to. I get some of my best ideas at the Seattle Art Museum. Or browsing Architectural Digest. Or Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

When I think of some of the TripleXpert graduates, I’m blown away by the winning products & services they’ve designed from their imaginations.

  • Agustina Palacio designed a transformational Instagram course called Instagram Obsession. I personally went through her program and went from 1500 Instagrams followers to over 10,000 followers.
  • Lela Davidson designed a program called Portfolio that helps women grow their influence and authority by creating comprehensive bodies of work. Her clients gain momentum and are regularly appearing in top-tier publications like the Washington Post.
  • Karen Vago designed a one-to-one program called Renaissance that helps her customers have highly performing bodies by eating according to their genetics, having a strong digestive system, detoxing efficiently, and balancing their hormones.
  • Xandra Robinson-Burns designed a monthly digital subscription called Everyday Wonderland. In one minute a week it helps women get away from their screens and discover the magic of their daily lives. Like her customer Nicole who decided to take hot cocoa along on her errands. She enjoyed this so much that it’s now part of her weekly errand running. In Everyday Wonderland, Xandra’s customers are discovering how simple changes can invite wonder to the most mundane of tasks.
  • Tonya Leigh designed Charm The Room, a program that helps women feel more connected, confident, and captivating in any social situation. Since launching the Charm the Room in 2018, over 1,500 women have been through the program with stunning results. Like the woman who went from feeling desperate and anxious on first dates to feeling at ease and confident with herself…and attracting an amazing man into her life.

Imagine how fun it’s going to be when you design a product or service that gets results simply by opening up and allowing what wants to come through.

DESIGN STRATEGY 2, Part 1: Design Your Service-As-A-Product

Now the reason you want to think about your service as a product is that it’s wayyyyy easier to sell a tangible product than it is to sell an intangible product.

Imagine that it’s actually sitting on a shelf in a store, in a cute little package. It’s got your branding, your look, your vibe, your personality. People can pick it up. They can look at it from all angles.

When you design your service as a product, instead of it being a nebulous, hard-to-describe-thing-that-you-do, it becomes an easy-to-talk-about-tangible-item with: 

  • distinct deliverables
  • obvious benefits
  • compelling features
  • a clear guarantee
  • trackable results

Once those 5 essential items are nailed down, you’ll know exactly what you’re selling.

How to market it.

How to talk about it.

How to position it.

And your customers will know exactly what they’re buying!

Even better, once you know exactly what you are selling, and your customers know exactly what they are buying you can calculate a price you feel good about. And a price your customers will gladly pay. Instead of whipping out a random price and praying your customers will pony up the money.

DESIGN STRATEGY 2, Part 2: Design Your Product-As-A-Service

I know. I just said that it’s wayyyyy easier to sell a tangible product than it is to sell an intangible product. But here’s why I’m twisting the plot.

There is an advantage that service-based products have over actual physical products.

And here it is: Service-based products provide a service. So you feel like you’re changing lives rather than just selling a product.

While most product-based businesses know exactly what they are selling, they struggle to keep their sales momentum going because they haven’t designed their product as a service. And they often end up feeling like a hot dog vendor hawking wieners at the state fair.

Nothing against hot dogs. Or the state fair. (I genuinely like both.) It’s just that this kind of intense selling is exhausting. And makes you HATE your business. It’s the kind of selling that I did when I was a stripper.

It went down like this. “Hello. My name is Bianca. Give me all your money and max out your credit card. And when you’re out of cash and credit? We’ll forget we ever met. Ok? Great!”

This is why in TripleXpert we will design your product-as-a-service. And your service-as a-product.

And you know what’s cool? Once you design your service-like-a-product, and your product-like-a-service, you’re done. You’re done. You’re done. You never ever have to go through that design process again. There’s no more doubt, no more second guessing, no more confusion about what you’re actually selling. And when you know what you’re selling & marketing, your business is poised for success.

DESIGN STRATEGY 3: Make Your Customers Want Your Product Or Service Now

A few summers ago, my husband and I spotted a set of slick patio chairs on Craigslist for $100. So we called the seller to set up a time to meet.

Once I saw the chairs in person, I knew we were getting a good deal. The chairs were in mint condition. And would look perfect on our veranda.

But what I didn’t know was how good of a deal we actually got.

A few weeks later I was on the Room & Board website (a swanky furniture store if you’re not familiar with it) and saw the exact same chairs for $1200!

We saved $1100 because the seller didn’t know exactly what she was selling.

And the craziest part?

If I would have seen those chairs at Room & Board first, I would have gladly paid full price for the set. That’s how gorgeous these chairs are.

In Design Strategy 3, I will help you understand exactly what you’re selling. Once you understand exactly what you have, then it’s easy to market, sell, and deliver your product or service in a way that delivers tremendous value to your customers. And of course, when you understand exactly what you have it helps you properly price your product or service.

In TripleXpert it doesn’t takes months of planning and “proof of concept” to create a product or service worthy of raving-fans. Not when you know how to implement my design strategy to make your customers want your product or service now.

DESIGN STRATEGY 4: Market To People Who Want Your Product Or Service NOW (Not Later)

In TripleXpert we ditch customer avatars and demographics.

Yes, I know… nearly everywhere else in the business world will tell you otherwise. even says defining your customer demographics is CRITICAL for the success of your business.

Now, I see how defining demographics are essential if you’re in real estate, opening a brick-and-mortar business, or running a Facebook ad…

But, for women who create products and services from their heart and soul? It’s the kiss of death. 

Instead of demographics and customer avatars in TripleXpert I will reveal my counterintuitive strategy that’ll bring you MORE customers in less time than ever before.

You will also be creating the single most important piece of marketing collateral that will help you attract perfect customers at multiple touchpoints.

And just like how I told you once you design your product-as-a-service, and your service-as-a-product, once you create this important piece of marketing collateral, you will use this marketing collateral for the life of your business. No matter how many new products or services you introduce. You never have to do this again. Your done. Your done. Your done.

DESIGN STRATEGY 5: Develop Viewpoints About Your Product Or Service

Now, if you don’t know what a viewpoint is, here’s a not-so-quick introduction.

A viewpoint, or point of view, is a belief, conviction, or theory (based on your lived experiences and expertise) that shapes your brand, your products & services, your sales, marketing & promotional plan, your customer experience, etc. 

Viewpoints (or points of view) touch every aspect of your business. And when combined with your voice, your values, and your vision, they set you apart from everyone else in your industry.

They draw potential customers toward you. And repel those who are not in alignment with your viewpoints.

The more viewpoints you have the better. Because when a business’ product or service has clear viewpoints, its customers know exactly what they’re buying . And they’ll know exactly the result they’ll get. 

  • When I go to Barre3, I know I’ll have a ton of fun and get a shaplier booty.
  • When I practice Bikram yoga, I know I’ll sweat and flex into a state of deep bliss.
  • When I spin at Soul Cycle, I know I’ll be pushed to my edge while I gulp in life-transforming oxygen.

People LOVE products & services with STRONG viewpoints.

And products & services with STRONG viewpoints succeed because when you’ve clarified what you believe you can trust your gut and design a product or service that delivers stunning results for your customers.

  • I’ll show you how to boldly shape your viewpoints to match your unique product or service
  • I’ll reveal the 3 secrets to crafting strong viewpoints that quickly attract perfect customers
  • I’ll teach you how to bring your strong viewpoints to the marketplace in a way that drives your product, and your profits, forward

In TripleXpert, I’ll help you say and do what you really want to say and do so you can stop second-guessing and doubting your genius. And get on with claiming your very own corner of the universe with your winning product or service.

DESIGN STRATEGY 6: Make Your Product Or Service Undeniably You

Do you want to PACK your personality into your product or service? 

But have been afraid to because you’re concerned people won’t like the real you, or you might come off as ‘unprofessional’ when they find out you watch E! News while doing yoga?

(Yes! That’s me. I love doing heart openers at the same time I’m finding out what’s the latest with Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie & Kris.)

Well good news. In TripleXpert, an important part of the design process is bringing YOUR personality into your product or service. 

(And deprogramming lame & outdated patterns you’ve unwittingly adopted over the course of your ‘professional’ training.)

So if your product or service isn’t unmistakable (like the quilting on a CHANEL handbag).

And people can’t pick your product or service out of a crowd (like spotting a Birkin in a sea of LeSportsacs).

I’ll help you make your product or service unmistakably YOU – in a way that makes your customer care and want to buy from you.

I’ll also show you the ONE surprising element your product or service MUST have if you want to get known for it and have prospects falling all over themselves to buy it.

And I’ll teach you my 3 fail-proof methods to get your creative juices flowing – especially if you think you’ve run dry. (I’ve used these exact methods to create millions of dollars out of my ideas and help my clients do the same.)

DESIGN STRATEGY 7: Design Your Winning Product Or Service To Sell, Reliably And Repeatedly

When you create like an artist, your ideas pour out of you – and feel glorious, true & right. But you want to make money too. LOTS OF MONEY!

Unfortunately, having a cool, hip product or service isn’t enough to be successful. You have to understand why it WILL sell & why it WON’T sell. 

In this TripleXpert Design Strategy you’ll learn …

  • The number one reason mistake almost all creative entrepreneurs make when bringing a new product or service to the marketplace – and the tiny tweak YOU can make that will set you apart
  • The “Profitable Five” – my closely-held secret set of 5 questions to ask yourself when you want to troubleshoot why your brilliant, beautiful product won’t sell, and exactly how to get it moving
  • 5 ways to believe in your product or service, even if no one else does (miss this, and you miss out on money making opportunities right in your own ‘backyard’)

In TripleXpert, we don’t just create like an artist. We take your ideas to the next level so that your product or service sells, reliably and repeatedly.

DESIGN STRATEGY 8: Price Your Product Or Service With Confidence

Because finding the perfect price doesn’t involve shaking a Magic 8 Ball. 

Pricing is a strategy that you can calculate with both your head and your heart. And I won’t sugar coat it – I excel at pricing strategies.

I see women try to heal wounds of self-esteem & self-worth by charging more before their business is ready to. (Think waitlists and sold-out products.)

The popular thought is that if you charge more, you’re showing the world your worth. 

But here’s why that thought process is wrong. 

Business is not a place to heal your wounds. Just like you should never turn to another person to complete you or fix you, you shouldn’t turn to your business to complete you, heal your wounds, or find your worth.

Do not back yourself into the oh-shit-I-charged too-much-and-now-my-product-isn’t-selling-corner. Because your business hasn’t done the work to have waitlists and sold out products.

Pricing isn’t about owning your worth. 

It’s about solving problems, delivering value, getting your customers results, and implementing a sales, marketing, and promotional strategy to earn your wealth with waitlists and sold-out products.

When it comes to pricing, you can’t fake confidence. 

That’s why in TripleXpert, I’ll show you …

  • How to have integrity & confidence in your pricing, and the simplest way to instantly multiply the value of your product or service
  • My 4 controversial viewpoints on pricing – and why they work like gangbusters to increase revenue
  • Why ‘charging what you’re worth’ is the kiss of death to profits – and my foolproof 3-step formula for exactly how to price instead

Once you design your product or service so that it delivers results for your customers, calculating a price point is easy. 

DESIGN STRATEGY 9: Nail Your Messaging So You Can Talk About It Confidently, Anytime, Anyplace

Would you like to always know what to say about your product or service?

Make it easy to pitch magazines?

Or even get recommended on Oprah’s Favorite Things?

Then you need a variety of intriguing messages – ones that you can ‘wear’ again, and again, and again.

That’s why by the end of TripleXpert, you’ll get 37 messaging ideas for marketing.

If you’ve ever wondered what to talk about on social media besides your morning coffee, this will become your go-to-list for engaging content (plus, these 37 ideas will multiply themselves, helping you create literally hundreds of marketing messages over time).

Nailing your product message is an ongoing, multilayer experience that spans multiple channels: 

Your website:

  • Sales pages
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • About pages

Social media platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

And sales conversations, presentations, normal day-to-day conversations, and elevator pitches.

After TripleXpert, you will never again feel awkward or uncomfortable when someone asks you, “So, what do you do?” Instead, you’ll have an elevator pitch that you’re proud to share (and that sounds as natural as telling someone your name).

Sharing your message is not a one and done. You have to play the long game. Period. End of story. That’s why in this TripleXpert design strategy, you’ll learn …

  • How to live your message in your day-to-day life – because the more you live your message, the more you believe in your product or service, and the more sales & marketing confidence you will have
  • The 3 questions that are guaranteed to reveal your Oprah-worthy messaging
  • How to get your customers as freakishly excited about your product or service as you are

Nailing your product message is a long-term proposition. That’s why in TripleXpert all of your messaging will be developed from your result-oriented product or service.


Do you recall when I mentioned that a product or service will always sells, reliably and repeatedly, when it’s intentionally designed to get your customers results.

Well here is one of the ways I will help you get your customers results in TripleXpert. 

Take note. I’m not just getting you results, I’m getting your customer results too – which is how your product or service will keep selling, reliably and repeatedly.

During our time together in TripleXpert we will work toward your very own Product Design Brief: a mini-business plan that will keep you focused and on track.

With your customized Product Design Brief in hand, you will be able to:

  • Artfully overcome objections so you can close the deal at pitch meetings
  • Expertly promote your product or service on podcasts & interviews in a way that doesn’t sound salesy
  • Masterfully talk about the results you get for your customers in sales conversations (which guarantees a higher-close rate)
  • Develop competitive promotional strategies that outshine, out-create, and outplay your competition
  • Write clear, compelling, and competitive sales pages
  • Craft marketing plans to create content that converts. Instead of posting and praying.

Your Product Design Brief will give solid direction on where to take your product or service. Even if you aren’t an internet celebrity. And even if you really don’t care whether you ever become one. 


It’s a personalized experience where you have access to my brain, heart, time, and energy. I create customized solutions for you based on my 25+ years experience of building successful businesses (and generating millions of dollars in sales). I also tailor my ideas to your unique needs and ideas to help create your own perfect product or service. Ultra-Flattering. Competition-crushing. Packed with your personality.


Twice a week for 3 weeks, you’ll get on the line with me and 11 other smart, passionate women for design workshops & group coaching calls to help you design a winning product or service that change your customers’ lives and sells, reliably and repeatedly.

And because SPACE IS LIMITED TO ONLY 12 WOMEN, you will never get lost in a sea of voices in group calls. And you not only get tons or personalized attention from me, but you also get an exclusive network of smart, talented entrepreneurs – just like you. A group who not only gets what you want to accomplish, but encourages you. And cheers you on.

You’ll be able to network, test your ideas, show off your ideas, and get feedback on your product or service in a fun & cozy environment.

TripleXpert is a premium program and my high-tech, high-touch, results-oriented approach reflects that. 

And unlike many programs you’ve likely signed up for online, I’VE INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED TRIPLEXPERT TO BE SIMPLE.

So simple, it’s scary. Like we’re cheating.

All you have to do is log-in to a single, password protected page (there’s no overwhelming membership site to navigate or drip-content to wait for) listen to 8 short-audios (or read the transcripts), answer the questions in the worksheets and post in our Facebook group for feedback and review from me, show up for the group calls (or connect with me on Voxer), and then, together we will collaborate to create your winning product or service.


It’s awesome. You’ll get private “voicemail” type messages from me where I will share my thoughts on your product or service, give you new ideas about what to do next, and inspire you to go further than you’ve ever gone before with your business. And you can leave me these same kinds of messages asking for clarification or just sharing new ideas you may have for your product or service. 

Plus, I’ve got a knack for inspiring women to get off their booties and get to work. There’s a reason they call me The Daily Whip, you know…

Plus, you’ll get regular review and feedback on your PRODUCT DESIGN BRIEF.

Here’s how it works. 

Throughout the program, you’ll be answering questions about your product or service from the TripleXpert Design System. And for each set of questions you answer, I will review and provide feedback to make your product or service stronger. As each day passes, you’ll discover the exhilarating feeling of knowing that you are, indeed, creating a winning product or service.

By the last day of TripleXpert you’ll easily have everything you need to input your product or service ideas into your Product Design Brief.

And finally, you’ll turn in a rough draft of your Product Design Brief. I’ll go through it with an editorial-eagle-eye to make sure that your product or service is highly results-oriented. You’ll then have one more opportunity to update your Product Design Brief and have me review it a second time before you launch, scale or go premium.

We use Facebook as our rendezvous point. 

All calls are recorded and then emailed out that day – so if you can’t make it to a design workshop, group-coaching call, no worries!


So the question is: do you REALLY want to be a successful entrepreneur? Do you want to have a winning product or service that changes lives and sells, reliably and repeatedly?

If the answer is “Yes!” then I am 100% sure TripleXpert can help you do it.

And I have a special offer for you, which I’ll tell you about in just a moment.

The truth is, though, if you don’t have product confidence (the unmistakable knowledge that what you do matters and has a HUGE impact on people’s lives),

You will struggle with …

  • Meeting deadlines (because you’ll be bogged down in confusion)
  • Following up with prospective customers (wondering if you can really help them)
  • Making decisions (because you’re mired in self doubt)
  • Pitching & promoting yourself (because you’re worried they will say no)
  • Cold calling or cold emailing (because you’re nervous that you’ll be rejected)
  • Writing blog posts & emails (because you’re fearful that no one wants to read what you have to say)

And you definitely won’t want to plaster your face all over the internet.

In TripleXpert, I’ll give you my very best ideas.

I’ll be brutally honest so you don’t put out a terrible product or service.

I’ll help you build your sparkly personality into your product or service so that selling & marketing is a fun adventure.

I want you to say YES! to TripleXpert, because …

I KNOW that when I bring my 25+ years of experience in product & service design, sales & marketing, spotting unseen opportunities, and my absolute obsession with making everything better, and I pair it up with YOUR brilliant ideas and expertise and skills …

Together, we’ll create a winning product or service that gets your customers results and sells, reliably and repeatedly.

And I want you to be able to experience a taste of what it’s like working with me inside TripleXpert, so for a limited time I’m offering you a Product Strip-Down, for FREE.

This is a private call, where you and I will hop on Zoom for 15 minutes and I’ll be focused solely on YOU and your product or service.

I’ll help you uncover:

The core RESULT your product or service gets for your customers.

The core MESSAGE your customers want to hear.

The core MAGIC that’s behind what you do.

And I’ll also make recommendations on simple, actionable steps you can take to grow your business.

You will leave this private call knowing exactly what you need to do to have a winning product or service.

Spots are limited, and will fill up fast, for this high-value Product Strip-Down.

Fill out this form and grab your spot now, while it’s still available.

Let’s get your product or service performing like Beyonce at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Unforgettable. Powerful. Leaving your audience wanting more.

Book your Product-Strip-Down.

I can’t wait to help you design a winning product that sells, reliably and repeatedly.





In my 10 years of being a master life coach, Erika’s one of the few people I’ve allowed to French Kiss my Business.

And this is why I turned to her TripleXpert to help me create Charm The Room, a program that helps women feel more connected, confident, and captivating in any social situation.

Since launching the Charm the Room in 2018, over 1,500 women have been through the program with stunning results. Ladies with whom I’ve shared the fundamentals of the Art of Charm have had miracles occur in their own lives, too.

Some examples include:

  • Transformed from shy wallflower into a magnetic socialite full of confidence.
  • Promoted to an executive-level position even though other candidates were seemingly better qualified on paper.
  • Resuscitated her marriage, that was previously on the brink of divorce, into a hot and steamy love affair.
  • Named the sole benefactor in the Last Will & Testament of a newly formed friend.
  • From feeling lonely and friendless to having five extraordinary girlfriends on speed dial.
  • From feeling desperate and anxious on first dates to feeling at ease and confident with herself…and attracting an amazing man into her life.
  • From not speaking to family members for years because of differing viewpoints to reconnecting and discussing “heated” topics and actually enjoying the exchange of opinions.
  • Struggling in her business trying to do it alone, to having a world-class network of people who are always a call or email away to help.

TripleXpert is not just another feel-good business development program. Erika makes sure that your product delivers results. I’m living proof of that.

– Tonya Leigh, Joie de Vivre Founder, Curator & Instigator For the French Kiss Life Movement


‘Within 3 months, the return on my TripleXpert investment was exactly 490%.

For years I’d been dreaming about creating a high-end certification program where I would teach and mentor copywriters, designers, photographers, and other creatives in how to develop and curate personality-based brands.

I just didn’t know if it was possible to duplicate my 18+ years of agency and industry experience with brands like Madonna, Aerin Lauder, Melanie Duncan, Kira Hug, and The Author Incubator into a cohesive program that would get results for my mentees.

That is until I did Erika Lyremark’s TripleXpert. During our 3 weeks together, she helped me take my giant list of ideas, whittle them down to the essentials, and develop a 9-month curriculum where I know my students will soar.

Better yet, I’m not just mentoring them in brand development and creative direction, I’m giving them additional tools and strategies that they can then go and implement in their own businesses to raise their prices and make a name for themselves.

Erika is a mastermind when it comes to taking a complicated idea and making it marketable and salable. I filled the MirrorBrand Certification Program in one week with no sales page, no pitches, and no public announcements.

TripleXpert is definitely not for everyone. But if you have a burning desire to create a stand out product or service that you can scale, I highly recommend you work with Erika.’

– Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker


‘TripleXpert is created in such a way where everything starts falling into place.

I feel so confident in my product that it’s hard to explain. I’ve never felt this way about any of my services in all the years I’ve been in business. I now understand what she means about people not having sales problem…when you know your product to the core selling it becomes not only easy but super natural.

I hadn’t even finished polishing my sales page and I sold 3 spots for my Instagram Obsession program.

I will never ever create another product or service without going through her TripleXpert product-design-system. If you feel nudged to work with Erika, do it. I promise she’ll change your life forever.’

– Agustina Palacio, Founder, Nina Swimwear & Instagram Obsession


‘Before TripleXpert, I was just posting + praying. And in the year since I completed TripleXpert, I have tripled my revenue.

I don’t know how I ever did business before TripleXpert. And the truth is I knew I wanted to have more sales, but I don’t like being told what to do by other people (a driving force for being an entrepreneur for me) so the thought of hiring someone to help me strategize was distasteful. What I didn’t realize was that Erika doesn’t TELL you what to do – she leads you to your correct answers – unveiling what you need to do to make your business successful.

She’s not your run-of-the-mill business coach who dishes the same advice to everyone. She’s truly a master at seeing your genius and unfolding it for you and into a do-able plan.’

– Adeline Arjad Cook, CEO, I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!


‘Because of TripleXpert, I developed the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive into a simple product that delivered clear results to my clients.

Now when I’m on sales calls people immediately get why they need the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive. What’s really amazing is they start selling themselves on it during the call.

Sales are *finally* easy, quick, and fun.

I have a product that I am freakishly excited about. I feel invigorated in my business. Most importantly, I’m making the difference I want to make in the world.

Having Erika on your team seeing your genius helps you create something even better than you could dream up on your own. People will WANT it.’

– Dr. Michelle Mazur, CEO, Communication Rebel, Founder & Creator of the 3 Word Rebellion


‘I was stuck with messaging, communicating value, and figuring out a sustainable business model that also fits my style.

Erika gave me back my confidence–and my wings. She saw my powers and the potential of my offering, immediately: How needed it is, whom it will serve best, how to make it work.

Her lessons are invaluable. Her advice unexpected. Her work ethic and communication style, unparalleled. Although she looks overpowering (whip n’all), in fact, she empowers YOU. (And she has great taste in pop culture.)

For the first time, I experienced what a real co-creator and success partner feels like. I’ve never gotten this kind of support from anyone (online or off), and all that in the shortest amount of time, and in spite the worse time zone difference possible.’

– Monicka Clio Sakki, Creative Director | Brand Expert | Self-Expression Coach


‘TripleXpert is an experience as fun and high fashion as Erika’s Instagram exemplifies.

Business doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it. And the best part? Erika demands that we have fun. (Somehow, that’s where the best ideas lurk anyway.)

Her superpower is business tailoring: she spots your unique strengths, and shows you how to make them shine in your business offerings. TripleXpert’s strength is that it is utterly individual, with eyes on you and your business.

Sign up for TripleXpert if you’re ready for clarity, focus, and confidence.’

– Xandra Robinson-Burns, Heroine Training & Personal Development Leader


‘Before TripleXpert, I was frustrated and ready to “break up” with my business.

But then, I did TripleXpert. Erika asked me exactly the right questions so I could look at my offerings with a fresh perspective. And then she helped me design my new program, You Are A Babe: A Monthly Membership to Lose Weight, Feel Good About Yourself, + Look Great In Photos.

In the first week of launching & promoting You Are A Babe, I gained 20 new members and 10,000 new Instagram followers. The amount of reposts, interview opportunities, and shares of the program exploded.’

– Betty Jean Bell, CEO, BeingBadass, Body Confidence Model + Coach


‘Erika teaches product confidence as the core element that boosts sales. Her motto is: You don’t have a sales problem you have a product confidence problem. 

The day after my cycle of TripleXpert came to an end, I booked a new long term private client who is a delight to work with. And 11 days later another private client who is a pleasure to coach. (And my sales page wasn’t even up!).

TripleXpert worked it’s magic with barely any marketing effort, just by giving me the inner certainty of the value of what I was offering in other words product confidence!’

– Karen Vago, Genetic Eating Expert


‘Never before have I been SO excited about offering a program and seeing deeply why this is needed, and how this program allows me to support and serve those who need my services.

I kinda fell in love with my own sales page—as crazy as that may sound. But it feels so very aligned and all ME.

If you want to create your new signature program then I highly recommend TripleXpert. It’s intense and deep and worth every minute!’

– Iris van Ooyen, Author & Creator of Bright Eyes


‘Erika knows how to reel you in and focus exclusively on the present. And how your product is going to be successful moving forward.

What surprised me most about TripleXpert was how after just a few group calls, the clarity that I got for my product was incredible. I was way overthinking. And Erika helped me find the TRUE PURPOSE of what this business model is and how to make it extremely successful.’

– Kendra Lambert, CEO, Kendra, INC.


‘Before TripleXpert, I had a million ideas for how I wanted to coach women to expand their influence and authority. A million ideas and one huge problem: I couldn’t get all my brilliant brain-children to play together.

Now I have extreme confidence that my program, Portfolio, will help countless women build better businesses, meatier movements, and kickass careers. Because a world where more women lead is a better world indeed!’

– Lela Davidson, Author, Blacklisted from the PTA & Creator of Portfolio


‘Because of Erika and TripleXpert, I uncovered what’s really holding me back—product confidence. I knew her program addressed this problem, but I didn’t actually think I’d work through it in such a short amount of time.

Erika taught me to embrace something I already knew…not all copy editors are created equal. I’m the right choice because I make editing copy effortless. If I hadn’t signed up for TripleXpert, I’d still be second guessing myself. And Drool Worthy Copy? That would still just be a pipedream.’

– Autumn Tompkins, The Grumpy Grammarian, Copy Editor



‘I tried MULTIPLE programs and coaches in the past and was always struggling to get myself grounded and concise enough to actually make an impact … AND A SALE.

It wasn’t until I did TripleXpert that I was able to focus in and make that happen. Erika’s system is so clear and concise, that as long as you show up and you do the work, it’s impossible to not create an incredible outcome from working with her.

Thanks to TripleXpert and Erika’s guidance, coaching and wisdom I have created the platform of my dreams and I’m so excited that I love working on my business every day.

I’ve gone from dreaming about having sold out programs to making it a reality, and it feels AMAZING! And I could not have done it without TripleXpert.’

– Katie Kozlowski, Master Energy Coach & Spiritual Trainer


‘The most satisfying feeling was the last day of our call when my design brief was complete and I turned it into Erika for feedback and to help me make my product better.

All of that overwhelm and anxiety I felt before was completely gone. I knew exactly what I was selling, why I was selling it, and who I was selling it to. With this confidence, I successfully sold my web design services to strangers at a coffee shop without even realizing I was selling. I owe it all to Erika. She helped me gain the clarity and confidence and clarity in what I’m doing and it feels great.’

– Nadine Padro, Social Media Strategist & Digital Marketing Expert Nadine Design Co.


‘There are a bazillion coaching and mastermind programs in the world. All of them promise great results. Some are super-expensive. Some are not. But they all cost time. The question is: do they deliver results?

I have worked with Erika Lyremark for over three years and have participated in every single one of her program offerings. Why? Because they all have Erika behind them. And if Erika promises, Erika delivers.

As a lawyer, I represent women-owned businesses in growth mode. I am not a fan of the billable hour, but struggled with how to quantify services in a way that was fair to me and clients. Participating in TripleXpert helped me gain clarity and streamline my offerings. I have continued the business advising side of my practice and launched a finite list of flat-fee services.

And, that was just the foundation for more to come. I started a podcast “What’s For Lunch?” focused on food businesses and am in the process of revamping courses in Small Business Legal School. Sound like a lot? It is. But the foundation in TripleXpert paved the way to make them all work together.

I have a plan that works, and the clarity shows in my revenue.

– Susan Burns, Attorney & Founder, Small Business Legal School


‘Thanks to TripleXpert, I’m 100% confident about the results I get for my clients with Marketing for Introverts and can honestly say that I’m proud to market like an introvert.

I’ve been mentoring introverted coaches, healers & therapists for years and the number one problem I saw was: The struggle to market their amazing services on a consistent basis. It wasn’t a lack of experience and certainly not a lack of self belief.

The popular marketing advice out is to market like an extrovert: Shout out louder and more often. And this advice does not work for introverts. Introverts love to create long lasting relationships and go above and beyond serving their clients to get them the results they want. This leaves little energy to do your marketing…

I knew this and mentored my clients to come up with a marketing strategy which works for them, on their terms. What I didn’t know, was that over the years I developed a simple framework which works for introverts!

In TripleXpert, Erika helped me leverage my years of experience into a teachable program called Marketing for Introverts. It’s simple, re-purposable, and gives me clients results like:

  • Consistently posting relevant content on social media and signing up new clients
  • Being booked for speaking events as recognised experts
  • Creating and filling group programs, both online and in-person
  • Raising prices to match the quality value of their work
  • Creating professional in-person networking groups

Erika challenges you to go deep. Deep into the benefits of your services and to give you 100% product confidence.

Without TripleXpert, I would have never been able to leverage my experience and turn it into my very own marketing framework, which is so simple and it gives me an even bigger ROI on my time, energy, and sanity investment.’

– Sandra Pilarczyk, Business Mentor for Introverts