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Your industry is cluttered & saturated. It’s true.

But QUALITY is rare. And CONFIDENCE? It’s virtually nonexistent.

If you genuinely make an impact on someone’s life & transform it for the better, they will be your red-carpet ambassador for LIFE.

They will buy your products & beg for more, season after season.

They will brag about how they “discovered” you, over Sunday brunch & mimosas.

They will tweet about you, blog about you, fly halfway across the country to meet you.

And your legion of luxury allies?

It all starts with one thing:



the BELIEF that your work makes an IMPACT.


So, how do you build Product Confidence?

: By creating a simple, yet elegant product that virtually sells itself.

: By zeroing in and serving those people who are dying for what you offer.

: By sharpening & elevating your viewpoints.

: By infusing your products with your voice, your values & your unmistakable edge.

: By giving the world a taste of your genius – and creating a fever of anticipation.

: By cultivating unshakable belief & trust in your work – by tracking results & raking in testimonials.

: By learning to craft offerings that matter – today, tomorrow, forever.

And by taking the one & only online experience for women entrepreneurs that builds your Product Confidence in a boutique environment where the head designer knows your name & your game. No excuses. No duck & cover. No lady left behind.


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‘I’ve been trying to get Self-Magic School off the ground since forever.

Although I truly believed in it, I was stuck with messaging, communicating value, and figuring out a sustainable business model that also fits my style.

Erika gave me back my confidence–and my wings. She saw my powers and the potential of my offering, immediately: How needed it is, whom it will serve best, how to make it work.

Her lessons are invaluable. Her advice unexpected. Her work ethic and communication style, unparalleled.

Although she looks overpowering (whip n’all), in fact, she empowers YOU. (And she has great taste in pop culture.)

Within less than a month of working with her in TripleXpert …

-I crafted a signature program, ready-to-go, that really delivers my viewpoints, values and meets the needs of the marketplace. #HugeWin

– I have a sales page

– I have an opt-in just for Self-Magic School that I’m excited to share.

– I outlined my first Self-Magic Live retreat, and already booked the place and the dates!!!!! Wowa!!

– I no longer feel rushed and anxious in group calls, or guilty when I want to ask another question…

– I started meditating.

– I dramatically reduced my running time per mile :-)

For the first time I experienced what a real co-creator and success partner feels like. I’ve never gotten this kind of support from anyone (online or off), and all that in the shortest amount of time, and in spite the worse time zone difference possible.

– Monicka Clio Sakki, Creative Director | Brand Expert | Self-Expression Coach


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