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The ONLY Step-By-Step Product Design System That Combines …

X – Your Product Or Service

X – Your People

X – Your Personality


… to create a WINNING PRODUCT or SERVICE that sells, reliably and repeatedly.

(Space is limited to only 12 women.)




‘I’ve known Erika for few years now.

And whenever I work with her,  I’m so energized by her presence, coaching, and ideas. Sooo many ideas.

I recently came back from vacation, and opened her email. And there it was her TripleXpert invitation.

The invitation to participate in TripleXpert sounded amazing – but I didn’t have any product in my mind.

However, there was this feeling inside of me that I should do it. So I signed up with the idea of creating a product that I had in the back of my head.

When we started the program she realized that every time I spoke about my program I wasn’t that excited about it. And I felt the same way.

However, every time I talked about Instagram – and how Instagram changed my life – she could feel my excitement over the phone. And she was the one who gave me permission to explore the idea of creating a program about Instagram.

And that’s what I did! In the following 3 weeks I created Instagram Obsession and this would have never happened if I didn’t hear my calling for signing-up to TripleXpert.

TripleXpert is created in such a way where everything starts falling into place.

At the beginning you just think, breath, and talk about the product you’re creating. Erika makes you go so deep that you start finding and writing gems about your product that you didn’t know where they came from!

I feel so confident in my product that it’s hard to explain. I’ve never felt this way about any of my services in all the years I’ve been in business. I now understand what she means about people not having sales problem…when you know your product to the core selling it becomes not only easy but super natural.

I haven’t even finished polishing my sales page that I already sold 3 spots for my Instagram Obsession program.

I now understand the madness to her method! It’s genius. And simple. Erika’s obsessed with her clients and the products they’re creating. When you dive into her inner circle, there’s no turning back. I will never ever create another product or service without going through her TripleXpert product-design-system.

If you feel nudged to work with Erika, do it. I promise she’ll change your life forever.’

– Agustina Palacio, Founder, Nina Swimwear & Instagram Obsession

‘Before Triplexpert, I had a hard time writing copy for my new website & product.  

After Triplexpert, I have an amazing product sales page, a great about me page – and above all – I found the perfect name for my website:

These results come from having product confidence & clarity. To me, these are the two most critical success factors. Now I have them both thanks to TripleXpert. I feel unstoppable!

I chose TripleXpert because I was looking for personal business advice. When I found out about Erika and her story, I knew right away that she was the one to help me.

So if you’re looking for a critical & experienced eye, but also for someone who’ll understand you and help you achieve your goals, then I recommend you register for TripleXpert right away.’

– Virginie Cantin, Creator of


‘What I really really got in TripleXpert boils down to one word:


When I started my tennis apparel design company, I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER, I was so passionate and excited – but then things went wrong …

Bounced checks from wholesalers

Bad sewers

Low sales

… And I lost my love for my tennis dresses (and my company).

But now? I’m ON FIRE.

The whole TripleXpert experience:

  • Erika’s brilliant coaching on Voxer
  • The group calls
  • The Product Design Brief (especially the Product Design Brief – because it’s like a mini-business plans and it helped me create 103 marketing messages)

Helped me realize what I’m really up to – the bigger picture – and I fell back in love with my company.

BEFORE TRIPLEXPERT: I was just posting + praying
AFTER TRIPLEXPERT: I create an INTENTIONAL client experience from marketing to product delivery

BEFORE TRIPLEXPERT: I thought that any tennis lady was my client
AFTER TRIPLEXPERT: I have a SPECIFIC perfect customer manifesto that clarifies where I find them

BEFORE TRIPLEXPERT: I sold a product

What did you create in TripleXpert? I already had a product (tennis dresses) – so instead, I refined what I had already created: Court to Cocktails luxurious tennis dresses.

Why should someone signup for TripleXpert? Are you kidding? It’s INVALUABLE for clarity and alignment. I don’t know how I ever did business BEFORE TripleXpert. Every Woman who wants to have a clear road map from-their-vision-to-success-NEEDS to work with Erika.

How is TripleXpert different from other business coaching programs? Instead of being TOLD what to do (I hate that) I am GUIDED to hear my own inner Divine Voice and have CONFIDENCE to listen to it. NO ONE knows my business and intentions better than ME – but this program SHINED A GREAT BIG LIGHT on it.

How has TripleXpert increased your product confidence? By knowing who my ideal client is – I am connecting with the RIGHT women who LOVE my product to bits – which has increased my confidence and energy to move forward.

What specifically did you love about TripleXpert (and working with Erika)? Erika’s a MASTER at seeing my genius and unfolding it in me.

The program combines just the right amount of ACTION + INTROSPECTION.

In 30 days – I feel COMPLETELY EXCITED, CONFIDENT AND ENERGETIC to make my tennis dresses and sell them.

I can’t say enough good things about TripleXpert. But I will leave you with this … If you’re serious about having a FUN & FULFILLING business that makes money, sign up for TripleXpert right now.

Don’t wait. Don’t delay. You don’t have to keep suffering. Let Erika help you.’

– Adeline Arjad Cook, CEO, I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!


‘My business working with speakers to write a speech that gets them booked and paid was going along fine except for two things.

Thing #1: even though I’m excellent at what I do – and get amazing results for my clients -selling my services was a long, hard, slog.

People viewed what I do more as a luxury than a necessity.

Thing #2: I was 100% burned out on talking about the tactics of how to book and get paid to speak.

After 6 years of creating that kind of content, I couldn’t bring myself to do it anymore.

I went back to my WHY for my business which is – communication changes the world.

I was appalled at how far I strayed from that mission. I knew I had to get back to it.

Fast forward to the biggest aha of my business – I created a messaging framework based on social movement theory called the 3 Word Rebellion.

Erika immediately saw the potential in this idea. And invited me to join TripleXpert. But I was hesitant. I already had an idea how to create the 3 Word Rebellion as a messaging service. And I didn’t think I needed her help.

But during a quick phone call with Erika, she surprised me and gave me the exact words to describe the 3 Word Rebellion.

The 3 Word Rebellion is the hook. It’s the change you want to create. It’s the ultimate pitch. It’s the story you’re telling. It’s the topic you want to be known for. It’s the action the audience should take. It’s everything wrapped up in three words. The 3 Word Rebellion instantly gets people to sit up and pay attention.

I knew I had to join. And I’m thrilled with the results.

Because of TripleXpert, I developed the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive into a simple product that delivered clear results to my clients.

Now when I’m on sales calls people immediately get why they need the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive. What’s really amazing is they start selling themselves on it during the call.

They need it.

They want it.

They buy it.”

Sales are *finally* easy, quick, and fun.

I have a product that I am freakishly excited about. I feel invigorated in my business. Most importantly, I’m making the difference I want to make in the world.

Having Erika on your team seeing your genius helps you create something even better than you could dream up on your own. People will WANT it.’

– Dr. Michelle Mazur, CEO, Communication Rebel, Founder & Creator of the 3 Word Rebellion


‘Even though I’m a seasoned instructor with decades of experience, I was confused, unclear, and lacked of confidence in my new program, SexyAF 21: A Clean Eating Program for Women “After 40”.

I had so many ideas!  Erika sees things in you that you didn’t even know was possible. She has a way of drilling it down. And keeping it simple, effective, and focused.

I had no idea I could create such a dynamic health & wellness program in only 4 weeks.  Erika not only gave me the perfect blueprint to help me create it, she also gave me a design-system I can use again and again.

Now I’m clear, confident and “getting shit done”!

Erika is the Business Mojo Whisperer … she knows exactly what you need. And will guide you to your truth so that you move through the world on your own terms

You not only get hands on expert advice, but a tried and true blueprint. Erika doesn’t tell you to do it “X” way. She wants you to enjoy your business – while you grow your business in a way that works for YOU.’

– Debbie Moore Johnston, Founder, SexyAF 21


‘I’ve been trying to get Self-Magic School off the ground since forever.

Although I truly believed in it, I was stuck with messaging, communicating value, and figuring out a sustainable business model that also fits my style.

Erika gave me back my confidence–and my wings. She saw my powers and the potential of my offering, immediately: How needed it is, whom it will serve best, how to make it work.

Her lessons are invaluable. Her advice unexpected. Her work ethic and communication style, unparalleled.

Although she looks overpowering (whip n’all), in fact, she empowers YOU. (And she has great taste in pop culture.)

Within less than a month of working with her in TripleXpert …

-I crafted a signature program, ready-to-go, that really delivers my viewpoints, values and meets the needs of the marketplace. #HugeWin

– I have a sales page

– I have an opt-in just for Self-Magic School that I’m excited to share.

– I outlined my first Self-Magic Live retreat, and already booked the place and the dates!!!!! Wowa!!

– I no longer feel rushed and anxious in group calls, or guilty when I want to ask another question…

– I started meditating.

– I dramatically reduced my running time per mile :-)

For the first time I experienced what a real co-creator and success partner feels like. I’ve never gotten this kind of support from anyone (online or off), and all that in the shortest amount of time, and in spite the worse time zone difference possible.’

– Monicka Clio Sakki, Creative Director | Brand Expert | Self-Expression Coach

‘Erika knows who you are and what you are about. SHE GETS YOU. I mean really. I have worked with several coaches and no one really understood what I was doing.

This (among many other talents) makes her stand out from the crowd.

And the miracle is, she gets you more than you do ! She goes DEEP and pulls the expertise out of you, out from all the gunk you are hiding under.

She strips away (as the former stripper she was !) the necessary and leaves you with what will make your product stand out and shine.

TripleXpert  is a master program where you explore with laser precision what your program delivers, who your perfect partner (ideal client) is and who you want to work with, what your viewpoints/opinions are, and  how you need to embody your message by being the living example of your product.

Her process is what gave me the confidence I needed to make my private program Impulsion, my main offer and move away from coaching group programs that I am not excited to do at this point.

Erika teaches product confidence as the core element that boosts sales. Her motto is : « You don’t have a sales problem you have a product confidence problem. »

The day after my cycle of TripleXpert came to an end, I booked a new long term private client who is a delight to work with and 11 days later another private client who is a pleasure to coach. And my sales page wasn’t even up!

TripleXpert worked it’s magic with barely any marketing effort, just by giving me the inner certainty of the value of what I was offering in other words product confidence !

Although Erika warns against business crushes, I definitely have a crush on her.’

– Karen Vago, Genetic Eating Expert


‘I remember when the email about TripleXpert came in: I was signed up 5 minutes later. I just knew it was the right thing for me.

Over the years I’ve created many programs, but the way Erika set this up makes you look not only at the content, but at all angles. It especially helps you get to a deeper layer of WHY you are offering this product or service and what the added value is that you offer—your unique ability.

I really loved the entire process and Erika is brilliant in keeping you on track. She genuinely cares about you and your success. The Voxer support is so valuable—each day Erika has your back with insights and support. You also get valuable feedback from your peers, and it’s great to go through the process together. I’ve met wonderful, powerful women and truly enjoyed interacting.

Never before have I been SO excited about offering a program and seeing deeply why this is needed, and how this program allows me to support and serve those who need my services.

I kinda fell in love with my own sales page—as crazy as that may sound. But it feels so very aligned and all ME.

I started TripleXpert with an idea and ended up with …

  • A gorgeous sales page,
  • A powerful new opt-in (my sensitivity quiz)
  • And a deeper understanding of what I bring to the table.

If you want to create your new signature program then I highly recommend TripleXpert. It’s intense and deep and worth every minute!’

– Iris van Ooyen, Author & Creator of Bright Eyes


‘Life before TripleXpert was chaotic and confusing.

I was going back + forth with ideas on what I wanted the #tribebox to look like/represent/etc and Erika really helped to find CLARITY through all of this. Erika really knows how to reel me back in and focus exclusively on the present and how my product is going to be successful moving forward.

What surprised me most about TripleXpert was how after just a few lesson sessions with Erika on our weekly calls, the clarity that I got for the mission of the #tribebox was incredible. I was way overthinking things + Erika really helped me to find the TRUE PURPOSE of what this business model is and how to make it extremely successful.

The results I’ve gotten with TripleXpert are incredible in that the things that I was dragging my feet on are now set in place and moving forward. The website is almost finished, the #topknottribe membership group is closing in to launch, the #tribebox subscriptions are growing and accelerating and the income is starting to flow in!

The clarity that you’ll get in TripleXpertfor your mission/vision is incredible!

Erika is a problem solver and is so good at what she does!

She gives the information to you straight and tells you EXACTLY what you need to hear to make your product/service SUPER successful! The Voxer communication is so helpful and you truly feel like you have a 1-on-1 coach instead of always in a “class” setting.

I actually FEEL confident in reaching out to potential sponsors for the #tribebox and have gotten so much more clear on what our membership group is going to entail as far as content goes.

What I loved the most was putting all of our homework assignments into the final Product Design form. Seeing that it actually LOOKS LIKE A REAL BUSINESS is such an awesome feeling! Not only that but when Erika “toot toots” your product, it truly makes you feel like a million bucks!’

– Kendra Lambert, CEO, Kendra, INC, Tiny Tots + Top Knots + #thetopknottribe


‘When I began Triplexpert my written ideas, notes and potential content for my business was a HOT MESS!

A lover of organization and good at it!, my work had become a visual reflection of the utter confusion I’d held about it.

Enrolling in courses, workshops, private coaching and reading numerous books, articles, etc,

I was at my wit’s end AND determined to find my clarity again but on a much deeper level than before.

I knew from the moment I enrolled and listened to Erika’s audio in the course that I was FINALLY on the right track!

Her attention to detail, yet excellent ability to streamline while getting to the root of my stuckness still amazes me.

She is firm, yet gentle with her business advice, holds you accountable no matter what, and goes above and beyond to deliver exactly what you need to succeed.

It was obvious from the start of the course that Erika is zeroed-in and focused on helping each individual succeed- IMPRESSIVE!

She cares about your business and expects the same from you which supports you in upleveling your way of doing business immediately and consistently throughout the course.

Her passion for business is infectious and her business savvy on point.

This course will make you fall in love with your business all over again and more naturally confident than you’ve likely ever felt.

Sound to good to be true?  Sign-up and do the work. You’ll be elated you did.’

– Denise Tilley,, Brand Coaching & Identity Design


“Before TripleXpert I felt like I was throwing my ghostwriting services at the wall, waiting for them to stick.

I was scattered. Nothing I offered seemed to “shine” or stand out against others who do what I do.

AND THEN … I spent 4 weeks in TripleXpert building a product.

First of all, WOW. Where has something like this been? Erika’s process isn’t willy-nilly, either. It’s solid, deliberate, and doesn’t miss a beat.

What’s more, I feel so damn confident in what I do. And I didn’t feel that before. I started putting my new product out there, and the first client I got was amazing. The respect we had was mutual. I was like this is perfect. I wish I had known about this 5 years ago.”

– Joleene Moody, Content Writing & Ghostwriting at


‘I was in Cycle 4 of TripleXpert and wanted to create Copy Edit School. Through this course, I’d teach women business owners how to edit their copy, so it’s clear, concise, and compelling.

Before TripleXpert, I was just playing around with the idea. But after, I have a clear vision for Copy Edit School and have even started developing course materials.

Because of Erika and TripleXpert, I uncovered what’s really holding me back—product confidence. I knew her program addressed this problem, but I didn’t actually think I’d work through it in such a short amount of time.

My biggest takeaway? I hold all the cards to be an expert. I just have to show people why I’m the right choice.

Erika taught me to embrace something I already knew…not all copy editors are created equal. I’m the right choice because I make editing copy effortless.

If I hadn’t signed up for TripleXpert, I’d still be second guessing myself. And Copy Edit School? That would still just be a pipedream.’

– Autumn Tompkins, The Grumpy Grammarian, Copy Editor


“I tried MULTIPLE programs and coaches in the past and was always struggling to get myself grounded and concise enough to actually make an impact … AND A SALE.

It wasn’t until I did TripleXpert that I was able to focus in and make that happen. Erika’s system is so clear and concise, that as long as you show up and you do the work, it’s impossible to not create an incredible outcome from working with her.

In 4 weeks I did more work than I have in 5 years. And I’m finally ready to be seen as the TripleXpert I am in my field. and I have the confidence to back it up.  

Before TripleXpert I struggled with knowing what it was that I was bringing to the table and creating a way to offer it to the world. And thanks to Erika’s incredibly grounded system, I was able to take my 8 years of spiritual and energetic training, my 20 years as an actress, and my lifetime of experience and channel it into the powerful system that I knew I always wanted to create but couldn’t figure out how.

In just 4 weeks, I had ShaktiBOMB designed and ready to go and I also knew EXACTLY why my work and my passion is a much needed missing section of the marketplace. The truth is I had it all along, but now I have the confidence and belief that what I am offering not only works, but is an incredibly powerful way to access your subconscious to clear out your blocks so you can tap into your own creative potential and create the life you’ve always wanted.

If you want to know a secret … I wasn’t feeling Erika for a few years. Turns out, I had my own personal beef with being seen as a powerful, confident woman. This made me resist her and second-guess whether she was the one for me. By finally trusting my instincts, I learned that sometimes that thing we think we don’t need is the very thing we DO need. Erika has been the missing link for me in a major way. I found so much healing and clarity by being in her circle and I’m so glad I finally followed my gut and joined.

Thanks to TripleXpert and Erika’s guidance, coaching and wisdom I have created the platform of my dreams and I’m so excited that I love working on my business every day. And that is NOT something I was accustomed to in the past. She helped me find the confidence and right energy to intentionally create ShaktiBOMB.

I’ve gone from dreaming about having sold out programs to making it a reality, and it feels AMAZING! And I could not have done it without TripleXpert.”

– Katie Kozlowski, Master Energy Coach & Spiritual Trainer


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