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‘In my 10 years of being a master life coach, Erika’s one of the few people I’ve allowed to French Kiss my Business.

And this is why I turned to her TripleXpert to help me create Charm The Room, a program that helps women feel more connected, confident, and captivating in any social situation.

Since launching the Charm the Room in 2018, over 1,500 women have been through the program with stunning results.

TripleXpert is not just another feel-good business development program. Erika makes sure that your product delivers results. I’m living proof of that.’

– Tonya Leigh, Joie de Vivre Founder, Curator & Instigator For the French Kiss Life Movement

‘Within 3 months, the return on my TripleXpert investment was exactly 490%.

For years I’d been dreaming about creating a high-end certification program where I would teach and mentor copywriters, designers, photographers, and other creatives in how to develop and curate personality-based brands.

I just didn’t know if it was possible to duplicate my 18+ years of agency and industry experience with brands like Madonna, Aerin Lauder, Melanie Duncan, Kira Hug, and The Author Incubator into a cohesive program that would get results for my mentees.

That is until I did Erika Lyremark’s TripleXpert. During our 3 weeks together, she helped me take my giant list of ideas, whittle them down to the essentials, and develop a 9-month curriculum where I know my students will soar.

Better yet, I’m not just mentoring them in brand development and creative direction, I’m giving them additional tools and strategies that they can then go and implement in their own businesses to raise their prices and make a name for themselves.

Erika is a mastermind when it comes to taking a complicated idea and making it marketable and salable. I filled the MirrorBrand Certification Program in one week with no sales page, no pitches, and no public announcements.

TripleXpert is definitely not for everyone. But if you have a burning desire to create a stand out product or service that you can scale, I highly recommend you work with Erika.’

– Sarah Ashman, Creative Director & Style Maker

‘Before TripleXpert, I was just posting + praying. And in the year since I completed TripleXpert, I have tripled my revenue.

I don’t know how I ever did business before TripleXpert. And the truth is I knew I wanted to have more sales, but I don’t like being told what to do by other people (a driving force for being an entrepreneur for me) so the thought of hiring someone to help me strategize was distasteful. What I didn’t realize was that Erika doesn’t TELL you what to do – she leads you to your correct answers – unveiling what you need to do to make your business successful.

She’s not your run-of-the-mill business advisor who dishes the same advice to everyone. She’s truly a master at seeing your genius and unfolding it for you and into a do-able plan.’

– Adeline Arjad Cook, CEO, I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!

‘Before TripleXpert, I packaged my business ideas based on what I was seeing others do. I had big ideas in need of consolidation and focus. I was flailing and hoping for the best.

Erika helped me build a unique programme that’s built to last, Everyday Wonderland. Finally I have a sturdy business model and no longer have to start from scratch over and over again – as I’ve been doing for years.

Without TripleXpert, there’s no way Everyday Wonderland would be as clear, simple, and purposeful as it is now. Erika helped me pare it down to the essentials: defining its unique strengths and leaving out what I felt like ’should’ be included just because I was seeing it done elsewhere.

Now I feel confident when I talk about Everyday Wonderland and when I pitch it to potential members. 

TripleXpert is an experience as fun and high fashion as Erika’s Instagram exemplifies, with her superpower being high fashion business tailoring: spotting your unique strengths and ideas, and tailoring your business offering to that sweet success spot. TripleXpert’s strength is that it is utterly individual, with eyes on you and your business.

Sign up for TripleXpert if you’re ready for clarity, focus, and confidence. Business doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it. The best part is, Erika demands that we have fun. Somehow, that’s where the best ideas lurk anyway.’

– Xandra Robinson-Burns, Heroine Training & Personal Development Leader

‘TripleXpert is created in such a way where everything starts falling into place.

I feel so confident in my product that it’s hard to explain. I’ve never felt this way about any of my services in all the years I’ve been in business. I now understand what she means about people not having sales problem…when you know your product to the core selling it becomes not only easy but super natural.

I hadn’t even finished polishing my sales page and I sold 3 spots for my Instagram Obsession program.

I will never ever create another product or service without doing TripleXpert.  If you feel nudged to work with Erika, do it. I promise she’ll change your life forever.’

– Agustina Palacio, Founder, Nina Swimwear & Instagram Obsession

‘Before TripleXpert, I had a million ideas for how I wanted to coach women to expand their influence and authority. A million ideas and one huge problem: I couldn’t get all my brilliant brain-children to play together.

Now I have extreme confidence that my program, Portfolio, will help countless women build better businesses, meatier movements, and kickass careers. Because a world where more women lead is a better world indeed!’

– Lela Davidson, Author, Blacklisted from the PTA & Creator of Portfolio

‘It would be impossible to overstate how much Erika’s sharp insights and coaching have helped me. During one call she helped me create my signature offer, The Exceptionelle CMO—a move which took me from hustling for $300 sales to having more than $11,000 of (easy) retainer income. That kind of revenue stability and income growth has been life changing. Erika’s ideas and marketing acumen are stunningly simple and amazingly effective. Working with her has had a better ROI than I could have ever imagined.’

– Hunter Niland Welling, Marketing Consultant for Luxury Service-Based Brands

‘Because of Erika and TripleXpert, I uncovered what’s really holding me back—product confidence. I knew her program addressed this problem, but I didn’t actually think I’d work through it in such a short amount of time.

Erika taught me to embrace something I already knew…not all copy editors are created equal. I’m the right choice because I make editing copy effortless. If I hadn’t signed up for TripleXpert, I’d still be second guessing myself. And Drool Worthy Copy? That would still just be a pipedream.’

– Autumn Tompkins, The Grumpy Grammarian, Copy Editor

‘Before TripleXpert, I was frustrated and ready to “break up” with my business.

But then, I did TripleXpert. Erika asked me exactly the right questions so I could look at my offerings with a fresh perspective. And then she helped me design my new program, You Are A Babe: A Monthly Membership to Lose Weight, Feel Good About Yourself, + Look Great In Photos.

In the first week of launching & promoting You Are A Babe, I gained 20 new members and 10,000 new Instagram followers. The amount of reposts, interview opportunities, and shares of the program exploded.’

– Betty Jean Bell, CEO, BeingBadass, Body Confidence Model + Coach

‘Because of TripleXpert, I developed the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive into a simple product that delivered clear results to my clients.

Now when I’m on sales calls people immediately get why they need the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive. What’s really amazing is they start selling themselves on it during the call.

Sales are *finally* easy, quick, and fun.

I have a product that I am freakishly excited about. I feel invigorated in my business. Most importantly, I’m making the difference I want to make in the world.

Having Erika on your team seeing your genius helps you create something even better than you could dream up on your own. People will WANT it.’ – Dr. Michelle Mazur, CEO, Communication Rebel, Founder & Creator of the 3 Word Rebellion

‘Never before have I been SO excited about offering a program and seeing deeply why this is needed, and how this program allows me to support and serve those who need my services.

I kinda fell in love with my own sales page—as crazy as that may sound. But it feels so very aligned and all ME.

If you want to create your new signature program then I highly recommend TripleXpert. It’s intense and deep and worth every minute!’ – Iris van Ooyen, Author & Creator of Bright Eyes

‘I was stuck with messaging, communicating value, and figuring out a sustainable business model that also fits my style.

Erika gave me back my confidence–and my wings. She saw my powers and the potential of my offering, immediately: How needed it is, whom it will serve best, how to make it work.

Her lessons are invaluable. Her advice unexpected. Her work ethic and communication style, unparalleled. Although she looks overpowering (whip n’all), in fact, she empowers YOU. (And she has great taste in pop culture.)

For the first time, I experienced what a real co-creator and success partner feels like. I’ve never gotten this kind of support from anyone (online or off), and all that in the shortest amount of time, and in spite the worse time zone difference possible.’ – Monicka Clio Sakki, Creative Director | Brand Expert | Self-Expression Coach

‘Erika knows how to reel you in and focus exclusively on the present. And how your product is going to be successful moving forward.

What surprised me most about TripleXpert was how after just a few group calls, the clarity that I got for my product was incredible. I was way overthinking. And Erika helped me find the TRUE PURPOSE of what this business model is and how to make it extremely successful.’

– Kendra Lambert, CEO, Kendra, INC.