Do Your Marketing Efforts Feel Like You’re Trying To Raise The Dead?


If your dream is to sell a luxury product – do not spend your time hanging out with people who don’t value opulence. They’re not interested in your pure ingredients, expert craftsmanship, or fierce attention to detail. 

– Stop courting them. They’ll never understand.

If your dream is to educate people about miracles – do not waste one minute talking to folks who are convinced the earth is doomed. They’re not interested in hope, faith, or the power of love.

– Stop trying to dazzle them. They’ll never listen.

If your dream is to help people heal – do not squander a single second on people who are determined to play victim. They’re not interested in change, in transformation, or empowerment.

– Stop reaching out to them. They’re dead wood.

It’s not your job to change people. 

It’s your job to inspire, motivate, and enchant those who are already on your team.

Team Luxury

Team Miracles

Team Healing

Preach to the choir. 

Your choir.

An exclusive choir who hangs onto every note you sing.

They get you. They want you.

There are over 2 trillion galaxies.

Trust that the Universe you want to play in already exists.

All you have to do is open up. And allow it to come through you.