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‘Woah! 10 minutes… that’s all it took for Erika Lyremark to give me the spanking I so needed. She shook me out of my old way of thinking about how to sell my workshops and showed me the way to market a mthrfk’n product. Her mindset shift was so dramatic I rewrote my entire website. I can’t wait to sell the heck out of my new products. Erika for the win!’ Rebecca Gunter, Copywriter & Brand Strategist

‘I implemented what we talked about during our call and quadrupled my recurring income!’ Hunter Niland Welling, Founder & Marketing Strategist, The AgenShe

‘My 15 minutes with Erika was fun, easy, and enlightening. I got even more clear on who my live writing class Your Beautiful Dreams is for, how to market it, and why it all matters. It seems impossible to get a lot done in 15 minutes, but with Erika whipping the way, it’s totally doable. Now I’m stoked to email every woman creative I know and pitch her Your Beautiful Dreams because I believe in my service that much. Toot toot! Snap up your own Product Strip-Down and get ready to strip away your fluff, excuses, and limiting mindset.Otiti Jasmine, Blogger, Writer, and Creator of Your Beautiful Dreams

‘In just a few minutes, Erika was able to do something I haven’t been able to do for myself in years. She listened, asked important (yet unexpected) questions, and then BAM, before the session was over, I was crystal clear on my product message. She paved the path for me and completely flipped my indecision into knowing my next steps were right—down to my bones. – Nicole Edwards, Copywriter, Designer + Brand Message Strategist

‘In a 15-minute call, I received so much clarity on how to elevate and evolve my brand. Erika is truly a powerhouse of ideas, inspiration, and connections! Following our call, she immediately introduced me to a potential partner who could play a large role in our brand transformation. I’m seriously blown away.’ – Abby Walker, Founder, Vivian Lou

‘Talking with Erika always helps me jog loose the mud encasing my most brilliant, sparkling ideas. I’m now in LOVE with my offer and so are my clients. #ErikaForTheWin, AGAIN! You’ll never regret having this brilliant woman in your corner.’ Helen Hunter Mackenzie, Master Certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer