Product Strip-Down


I’m at my best when I coach with LOVE (and NO mercy).

And I know that one of the most loving things I do with my fancy ladies is to mercilessly help them make bold moves so they can launch, scale, or go premium in their businesses.

The best way to make those moves is to get honest and take a bare-naked look at the product or service that will help you get there.

So I’ve opened up a few spots on my calendar for f.r.e.e. 15-Minute Product Strip-Downs.

I’m going to lend you my business brilliance and help you undress your product or service and strip it down to its core. And get rid of anything that’s holding you back.

I’m an expert at moving you forward on 3 specific paths, depending on where you are right now:

PATH #1Launching your business with your product or service (Is your idea viable? Is it viable for YOU? Is it what you really want to create?)

PATH #2 Scaling your business with your product or service (Can you scale your business on this product or service alone? If so, by how much?)

PATH #3 Going premium in your business (How can you increase the value of your product or service? Then raise your prices? And do it in a way that feels amazing to you and THRILLS your customers?)

Which path is right for you, right now?

Let’s find out.

Whether you want to launch, scale, or go premium with your product or service, I’m famous for being able to create a vision to move you forward, and set your energy in motion on the path to your Red Carpet Dream.

It all begins with your next move – so talk with me and let’s figure out what that is.

Here’s how it works:

You meet me on Skype for 15 minutes, and the (metaphorical) stripping begins.

I’ll help you strip your product or service down to the essential question:

What is the next right move for you, that will help you create a HIGH-VALUE product or service that sells, reliably and repeatedly?

THAT’S what you’ll keep.

And afterward, the PERFECT product or service to support your path will be standing there in its brilliant birthday suit.

(Nothing more — or less — than what you love AND what will multiply your sales and thrill your customers.)

Sound awesome?

That’s because it is.

So hop on over here and reserve your own 15-Minute (totally FREE) Product Strip-Down.

There are limited spots, so don’t wait.



‘In a 15-minute call, I received so much clarity on how to elevate and evolve my brand.

Erika is truly a powerhouse of ideas, inspiration, and connections! Following our call, she immediately introduced me to a potential partner who could play a large role in our brand transformation. I’m seriously blown away.’

– Abby Walker, Founder, Vivian Lou


Want to launch, scale, or go premium in your business?

Let’s get super clear about the product or service that will help you do just that.

Apply for one of my FREE 15-Minute Product Strip-Downs.

They’re not going to last forever.

Your business will thank you profusely.

Your customers will be yours for life.

And your bottom line — well, it can’t help but sit prettier when you’re delivering a high-value product or service that sells, reliably and repeatedly.

Don’t wait. Grab your spot now.







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