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Product Strip-Down


If you’re a smart, motivated woman whose lack of confidence & clarity in your target market, messaging, product or service offerings, value, or business purpose is making you second-guess everything …

Then I would love to help you … for free.


Here’s How It Works

We’ll meet for about 30 minutes for a Business Whip-Down. I’ll assess your business and help you get rid of everything that doesn’t fit or is causing confusion.

Then I’ll help you uncover:

The core RESULT your offerings get for your customers.

The core MESSAGE your customers want to hear.

The core MAGIC that’s behind what you do.

And I’ll also make recommendations on simple, actionable steps you can take to grow your business.


Why Am I Doing This For Free?

Because I want more women to see that when you cut the fluff and focus on the right tools & tactics – achieving your business goals is way easier than you think.

I’ve always been a devoted advocate of women’s equity – and of our natural-born right to do anything we can dream up. It’s my passion to help you dream up, and DO, magic.

Many of the women who have had me whip-down their business have loved it so much they’ve ended up working with me. So my hope is that you’ll love the ideas and strategies I give you so much that you’ll consider doing the same.

But whether you do or not, these free Business Whip-Downs deliver results.




‘Talking with Erika always helps me jog loose the mud encasing my most brilliant, sparkling ideas.

So, when I found myself way too “up in my head” about an offering, I called in an S.O.S.

After just a few minutes with her, it became clear that I was trying to pack way too much stuff into my program, and THAT was the source of my overwhelm and message confusion.

I teach this stuff! So it’s not like I need hand-holding. But Erika’s focused, no-nonsense questions helped me rediscover my truth and gain massive amounts of clarity in just a few minutes.

I’m now in LOVE with my offer and so are my clients. #ErikaForTheWin, AGAIN! You’ll never regret having this brilliant woman in your corner.’

– Helen Hunter Mackenzie, spirituality-based performance coach leading the new movement of Soul’d™Business Success


‘In a 15-minute call, I received so much clarity on how to elevate and evolve my brand.

‘Erika is truly a powerhouse of ideas, inspiration, and connections! Following our call, she immediately introduced me to a potential partner who could play a large role in our brand transformation. I’m seriously blown away.’

– Abby Walker, Founder, Vivian Lou


Woah! 10 minutes… that’s all it took for Erika Lyremark to give me the spanking I so needed.

She shook me out of my old way of thinking about how to sell my workshops and showed me the way to market a mthrfk’n product. Her mindset shift was so dramatic I rewrote my entire website. I can’t wait to sell the heck out of my new products. Erika for the win!

– Rebecca Gunter, Copywriter & Brand Strategist 




You Will Walk Away With Actionable Ideas (Plus TONS Of Clarity)

I’m wildly skilled at seeing the full picture (aka your empire) and putting you into immediate action.

I concept new business ideas and strategies that you can implement in mere minutes. 

I know how to hustle (remember, I used to be a stripper), I see unspotted opportunities everywhere, and I can wrangle up money from seemingly nowhere.

In under 30 minutes I have helped women …

Double & triple their rates

Concept practical, profitable business ideas

Clear ten years of business stuckage

Come prepared to get seriously whipped into dream-living, revenue-raising, business-boosting momentum.



I’m committed to helping women with experience & expertise in what they do succeed. And I know 30 minutes with my eye on your business will change your life. Don’t procrastinate on this opportunity. Take action now.