The Power Of Naughty


What part of YOU are you hiding?

Keeping pent up. Or shoved down. Just in case it’s not quite acceptable. Or so you think.

Your inner hippie?

Your inner glam girl?

Your inner smarty pants?

Your inner bad girl?

Your inner woo woo?

Your inner nerd?

Your inner artist?

Your inner dominatrix? (Oh. Come on. I can’t be the only one.)

How does it feel to squash yourself down?

To make yourself properly acceptable to anyone and everyone who comes through your (virtual) doors?

Let’s be NAUGHTY and invite her out to play,

Because being YOU––all of you is POWERFUL.

The kind of NAUGHTY that gets you noticed. 

– Memorable. 

– Adorable. 

– Fascinating.

So NAUGHTY that people can’t stop talking about you––the missing link that catapults you into the spotlight.

Do you need me to dare you? Don’t worry, I will.


2023 Marketing & Social Media Predictions (With My Two Cents)


A few weeks ago someone emailed me Rachel Pedersen’s 2023 Marketing & Social Media Predictions. I thought it would be fun to share it with you AND add in my two cents.

Hold on to your hats, it’s a long one––but worth it.

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: Instagram will officially be out and winding down in a big way.

ERIKA’S TWO CENTS: Agreed. However, IG remains a valuable place to consistently connect to your existing audience. But you have to be intentional with how you use it. It no longer works to create hodgepodge content and still get tons of likes & followers like you could in 2015.

Unlike other social media platforms, the Instagram grid shows a quick snapshot of what you’re all about and can serve as a beautiful portfolio for your physical products. (Or if you’re a service-based business and don’t want to blog anymore *raises hand*, it’s a great place to spread your message and share your expertise.)

Also IG ads are still working to get your offering in front of the right audience.  

Plus their DM feature is the best! It’s especially useful when you’re trying to connect with someone you don’t know. It feels more casual and friendly than sending an email. Like getting a text message from a bestie. 

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: Hype and clickbait will wind down in popularity.

ERIKA’S TWO CENTS: Because I’m a sucker for a great subject line, I believe hype and clickbait will always be on trend. However, if there’s nothing of value on the other side of the link, then Rachel’s spot on. It’s definitely on its way out.

Pssst. The secret to creating high-value content is to keep your ideas as simple and pointed as possible. Be ruthless with editing out the fluff. No one has time for that.

By creating content that’s laser-focused on helping your customers solve their pain points, you can avoid the hype and clickbait trap. You’ll be able to provide real value to your readers and cultivate a true connection with them over time—without relying on gimmicks or tricks. 

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: The best way to effectively reach your ideal audience is to intimately know what problems and pains they experience. Creating content around this will be a game-changer in 2023 and moving forward.


And I know you’re not putting out crappy content, so keep doing what you’re doing.

Where I sometimes see entrepreneurs get stuck, though, is that the bigger they get… the less they take the time to connect with her audience. And the essence of their brand becomes diluted and lackluster.

No matter where you are in your business you gotta stay in the trenches with the problems you solve for your customers. Don’t hide behind your marketing team. Get out there and have real conversations. 

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION:YouTube is about to become the BIGGEST platform on a whole new level (those who create on YouTube consistently are going to thrive!).

ERIKA’S TWO CENTS: So happy about this! I have a paid YouTube subscription and watch a video there almost every day.

If you’ve already got a strong TikTok game, you need to leverage what you already have and post your TikToks to YouTube Shorts.

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: TikTok will be a close second with the platform reconfiguring a few things with their algorithm.


You know how much I love TikTok. It’s been a great place for me to build my video confidence, test out ideas for my serialized Think Like A Stripper podcast, and get new clients.

I love it so much, I created a TikTok course, Viral Impact Foundations, with my partner in crime, Christine Buzan. We are finishing up the first cycle and super impressed with what we’ve been able to help our clients with.

Look for a DIY version of the program launching soon and the second cycle of our mentorship program in March 2023.

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: Overly edited content is making its way out.


This is coming from the woman who lives to be editorial and make everything beautiful. I will happily spend a Saturday evening rearranging my closet––making sure that even the inside of my closet drawers are photo shoot ready.

What I love about this, though, is that this opens up the marketplace for expert-based entrepreneurs. (Which is the majority of my clients.) 

Instead of fussing about your visuals, you can get to work on helping people solve their problems in a powerful way.

I think there will always be a place for beautiful, highly curated, photos and stuff. But now both lowbrow & highbrow content will perform. That’s how it should be.

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: People are not going to be interested in long (or even short) intros for your content unless it’s absolutely excellent. You are not the decider of what’s excellent – your drop off times in content/videos is.

ERIKA’S TWO CENTS: Preach it Rachel! 

Creating that hook, or that perfect email subject line, is always a fun challenge. At least I think so. The easiest way to do this is to create content first––then develop the hook from the existing content.

BTW, we teach you how to master this in our TikTok course.

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: Text message marketing will ramp up and wind down by the end of 2023.

ERIKA’S TWO CENTS: I’ve never done text message marketing. But I’ve definitely signed up to receive it from companies that I like. However, I haven’t seen anyone who does a good job with it. It’s always way too salesy and boring. If you have any examples of a brand that does it well, will you let me know?

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: Pinterest will also be a hidden gem for 2023, both organically and paid advertising.

ERIKA’S TWO CENTS: I absolutely love Pinterest and am there at least once a day feeding my interior design addiction & adding to my Daily Whip style boards. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this platform. Let’s just say, if you’re not considering Pinterest as part of your digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a lot of potential growth opportunities – especially for product based companies.

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: Paid advertising costs on all platforms will decrease in 2023 – time to run lead gen campaigns.


PRO TIP: If you’re going to run lead generation campaigns, make sure that the opt-in you’re promoting is so good, you could charge for it.

If you know you’ve created a puff piece, toss that sucker into the Google Drive graveyard and craft an ad-worthy-opt-in that…

✔️Grabs attention

✔️Embodies your brilliant expertise 

✔️Fills your sales pipeline

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: B Roll with overlaid words is going to reign supreme next year. Thank goodness it’s super easy to create.

ERIKA’S TWO CENTS: I’m here for this. And doing B roll is a great way to baby step your way into getting comfortable and being confident on video. 

Another way to grow your video confidence is to grab our DIY TikTok class when it comes out – or sign-up for our mentorship in March 2023.

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: Marketing events will need to have actual value and community to continue working. 

ERIKA’S TWO CENTS: Agreed. And the key to creating a marketing event with value is being so hyper-specific that everyone walks away with at least one guaranteed result.

Online marketing events (even Instagram Lives & TikTok Lives) are also super effective because they allow you to connect directly with your audience – without having to spend money on a physical event. And that opens up a lot of possibilities.

+ RACHEL’S PREDICTION: The value of free is making a comeback. While everyone else is pinching every last penny from their customers, try sharing massive value and transformation for free.

ERIKA’S TWO CENTS: I was introduced to this concept back when I was stripping in the 1990s. One of the clubs I worked at mandated an hourly Texas tease – a free 45 second lap dance that got customers in the mood to buy. 👀 And buy they did. 

Bottom line? Everyone loves free. But it has to be as good as anything your customers would pay for.


Not mentioned in her trend report, but worth noting, is the rise of experts and the fall of influencers.

This is very good news for smarty pants––like you.

More and more brands are looking to partner with influencers who have “day jobs.” People who are experts in their field and have spent years developing their skills.

For example, skin care brands want to partner with influencers who are estheticians and dermatologists versus an attractive Gen Z influencer who’s hawking a new product every day. 

In 2023, authenticity and expertise will push through the noise in the influencer world.


P.S. How will you shift your marketing & social strategy in 2023 after reading this?

If You Want To Make A Name For Yourself, You’re Going To Have To Take Creative Risks


Blogging, tweeting, posting photos on IG or Facebook is no longer daring or risky. It’s the norm. Your clients want to see what other tricks you’ve got up your sleeve.

I love TikTok. Creative. Challenging. Tangibly rewarding. I love the creation, making the videos, and telecasting my voice around the world. I’ve bitten the apple––there’s no turning back.

I want you to have the same experience. There’s nothing else like using your voice, your vision, and your viewpoints to change your future client’s lives.

Yes. Putting your voice, your face, your physicality out there is risky. But is your business vision worth it?