Ever Fear That You’re Not Standing Out? Here’s A Bold Viewpoint You Might Not Expect.


Here’s a bold viewpoint you might not expect.


Now, simplicity doesn’t mean boring.

Simplicity is actually the key to creating a passionate, sustainable business…

And it’s too often overlooked as the solution to stand out as your shiny, sparkling self.


Because the fear is that simple will be boring. Or, will make you seem overpriced. Your offer and pricing won’t be “enough” if it’s simplified.

So, instead of simplifying, here’s the common tendency with women entrepreneurs…

They do more. Read more

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Post Date: January 24, 2020

Does Selling & Promoting Scare The Hanky Pankys Off Of You? (Read This For Immediate Relief.)

If sales or promoting yourself scares the Hanky Pankys right off of you, this is for you…

First, think of a product, service or brilliant idea you’ve been gun-shy about promoting…

Got that in mind?

Ok, now imagine if you approached the whole sales and self-promotion process as if you were inviting people to an amazing party…

Would you feel bad if they said ‘no?’

OR… would you feel sad that they’re missing out on such a killer party? Read more

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Post Date: January 16, 2020

My Bathroom Checklist

I love impeccable experiences.

Especially when it comes to visiting an exquisite public restroom.

I even have a mental checklist I run through when I use the ladies room.

Here’s my bathroom checklist. (What’s on yours?)

✔️Is it clean?

Hopefully with Method, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, or Caldrea.

(Fun Fact. Caldrea and Mrs. Meyer’s are the same company. Caldrea is high-end. Mrs. Meyer’s is low-end – but still fabulous. The radish scent makes me want to make-out with my cleaning cloth.) Read more

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Post Date: January 13, 2020