Say NO To Business Crushes

Ever idolize another business? Fangirl over another woman who’s achieved the level of success you desire?

Here’s my sharp viewpoint…

Admire their attributes. Be inspired by their work. Get ideas from them when they’re brilliant and aligned with you.

BUT, don’t worship them. Because when you crush on someone else, you give away your power.

And, I see women do this too often.

They’re habitually thinking about the people they think are smarter than them. More successful than them. Read more

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Post Date: April 7, 2020

Want A Simple Trick To Get Into The Bold Truth-Telling Mindset?

Back in the late 80s & early 90s, I was OBSESSED with Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women.

Anyone else deeply admire her famous elegant rants? 

When I was a stripper in the 90s, I used to embody the bold Ms. Sugarbaker whenever I needed to ‘go off’ on creepy or rude customers. I’d fire at them with whip-smart wit.

Like the time I asked a young lad sitting at the tip rail if he wanted a lap dance. Read more

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Post Date: April 3, 2020

This Is The Money-Making Power Of Curiosity

As you might know, in the early 2000s I built a commercial real estate investment company with my dad.

And, we had a 70,000 sq foot warehouse that was loaded with tiny spaces that didn’t seem rentable.

My dad was notorious for putting “collectible” and “useful” stuff into any vacant space with a locking door.

I knew I could rent out one of his secret cubby holes if he’d only empty it out.

For months I asked him to move his stuff out and he kept putting me off…

And then, I got curious about what my dad would do if I spelled things out in terms of money lost versus money made. Read more

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Post Date: April 1, 2020