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My Fave GDPR Compliance Checklist

When I first heard about GDPR, I was freaked out.

(If you don’t know what GPDR is, go here.)

However, the more I dove into the research with an open heart & mind, the more excited I got about becoming GDPR compliant.

Here’s why ….

  • It’s an opportunity to become hyper-transparent with your audience & customers.

It’s proven that companies that value transparency do better than those that don’t. HINT: If you screw up, own up to it. Read more

Post Date: May 16, 2018

My Trade Secret To Packing Personality Into Your Product

I’ve got a new product design course & workshop called TripleXpert.

Which is a perfect name for me.

Don’t you think?

A few years ago, it flew out of me when I was talking to my friend Tracy Matthews (do you know her?).

We were brainstorming a second name for MARK’D Mastery – my Action & Accountability Mastermind – when the word TripleXpert popped out.

Although I knew the name wasn’t right for an Action & Accountability Mastermind, it was awesome for something else. Read more

Post Date: February 13, 2018

WhipStart Your Life (And WhipStart Your Business).Ta Da!


‘You don’t really know what’s on the inside until you place a demand on your potential.’

– Joel Osteen




In WhipStart Your Life you’ll learn how to …

  • Answer the ONE question that will give you instant clarity when you feel confused
  • Recognize & conquer the ONE mindset stopping you from success
  • Create business goals that will catapult your action into hyperspeed
  • Creative problem solve in your business using some pretty unconventional methods
  • Kick the habits impeding your life & business.
Read more
Post Date: February 12, 2018



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