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THE DOT METHOD: How Jewelry Designer Becky Hosmer Used It To Build A 7-Figure Business





Simplicity sets you free.

Delicious, organic food.

A clean house with fresh cut flowers on the coffee table.

And zero stress as you stand on your back porch in the early morning taking deep breaths of spring air.

(Can you feel yourself feeling lighter already?)

Yet, when it comes to your business you aspire to be anything but SIMPLE.

Why? Because if you’re like most of my clients, you’re concerned that simplicity might make you look: BORING. Read more

Post Date: September 16, 2018

How To Fail Like A Fancy Lady: 5 Intriguing Questions To Get You Back On Track


I’ve failed A LOT.

Like the time I gave a 60-minute presentation at a Women’s Banking conference in 2007.

: My speech flopped.

: I talked to the WRONG crowd.

: I felt like someone else in my ‘professional’ pantsuit.

After the event was over, I went home. Cried my fake eyelashes off. And binged on reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Feeling better the next day, I decided that even though I’d failed, I was going to FAIL LIKE A FANCY LADY. Read more

Post Date: July 22, 2018

My Fave GDPR Compliance Checklist

When I first heard about GDPR, I was freaked out.

(If you don’t know what GPDR is, go here.)

However, the more I dove into the research with an open heart & mind, the more excited I got about becoming GDPR compliant.

Here’s why ….

  • It’s an opportunity to become hyper-transparent with your audience & customers.

It’s proven that companies that value transparency do better than those that don’t. HINT: If you screw up, own up to it. Read more

Post Date: May 16, 2018



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