5 Steps To Networking For Your Soul

STEP 1: Forget the gurus, big guns, and people who talk about money before they talk substance.

STEP 2: Look for people and businesses who are doing things that you respect and get excited about.

STEP 3: Find people who work hard and stay true to their message.

STEP 4: Get in touch – tagging them on IG or DMing them to say ‘hello’.

STEP 5: Don’t obsess over whether they reply or not. Read more

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Post Date: May 28, 2020

My Simple Trick To Staying Grounded Amidst The Noise Of The Internet

I constantly take stock of my online relationships. 

If they make me feel anxious, worthless, or out of line with who I am and what I want to create, I get rid of them. 

I leave Facebook groups, unfollow on Instagram, and unsubscribe from newsletters where someone’s pitch tactic is trying to make me doubt myself. They don’t belong in my inbox. And I don’t miss them. 

I also radically avoid soul-draining conversations with people who want to be grumpy all the time. Read more

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Post Date: May 18, 2020

How A Howler Monkey Changed My Business

“Erika, are you coming to Costa Rica with me — or what?”

It was the middle of a brutal Midwestern winter, and my husband, Chad, had found a sweet rental in the middle of the jungle, booked the flights and blocked time off work for a romantic month-long work-cation.

He was beyond excited and cruising through every book and website about Costa Rica, making lists of what to pack and booking reservations for the must-do tropical activities. Read more

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Post Date: May 14, 2020