Icons & Inspiration: Sally’s Debut, Martha’s Influence, Pharrell’s Vision & Paris’ Unapologetic Style


Hey, I want you to see this….

It’s my client Sally’s first YouTube video (it’s so good it looks like it’s her 100th!) and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Sally’s video is fascinating!

I love it so much. It’s packed with insightful viewpoints about early childhood education. And how Martha Stewart’s approach has influenced Sally’s own ‘Wunderled’ approach.

When you watch it, you’ll quickly see it matches Sally’s brand—warm and cozy with lots of mama bear energy.

(I never force my personal style on my clients. Instead, I help them bring out more of what they already love and align with.)

And Sally’s a bit camera shy. So we found a way for her to have a YouTube channel—without having to speak on camera.

This kind of creative magic is what happens when you join me in B.E.D.!

It’s where I work with clients one-to-one to help them bring their creative visions to life.

I get so inspired when my coaching helps entrepreneurs make money from their viewpoints and ideas.

It’s truly the only way to separate yourself from everyone else in your industry.

And uncovering and developing your viewpoints connects you to your purpose(s)—and gives your confidence a HUGE boost.

Someone else that’s inspired my pants off this week is Paris Hilton.

I binged her show Paris In Love Season 2 in two days.

I’m so in awe of how unapologetically-herself she is.

My favorite?

Her huge collection of stuffed animals proudly displayed in the living room of her $160,000 a month Beverly Park mansion. 

You should’ve seen the surprised look on her mom, Kathy Hilton’s face when she came over the first time.

(It reminded me of the looks my mom used to give me when she would see the outfits I wore to high-school. Especially when I wore a silver leather mini-skirt & stilettos to my basic algebra class. lol).

Speaking of fashion…

Have you seen Vogue’s interview where Pharrell Williams talks about his new Louis Vuitton mens’ collection. 

He actually doesn’t consider himself a fashion designer—but a creative director.

I thought the distinction was genius!

And it got my imagination twirling… could I give creative direction to LV?

I’d love to have a sit-down interview with Vogue. Even though, like Sally, I’m a bit camera shy!

It’s taken everything I’ve got to become comfortable making TikToks. But it’s definitely worth getting out of my comfort zone.

The video I made about ‘Over-delivering & Under-earning Ursula’ has 212,000 views!


Comment ‘Pizza’ (Fun Marketing Idea!)


I’ve got a fun marketing idea for you today.

This week, I received a pitch email from a company that helps you grow on Instagram through back end shout-outs. Do you know what those are?

Anyway, I’m not interested in doing that because even though you can get a lot of new followers, it’s not the kind of followers who are truly interested in your content.

I’d rather spend my marketing budget on paid ads.

BUT when I was reading her email, she said something so adorable that almost changed my mind.

It was this—–>>>>

Reply to me with “pizza” if you’d like me to stop following up :)

How cute is that? Especially since I love pizza!

Getting playful in her pitch––let my guard down. And made me want to know more!

This is such a smart idea that I think you should borrow it the next time you send a pitch email, or a follow-up email.

Of course, just customize it to something that you love.

For me, I’ll probably use Gucci or Prada or matcha!


Move over, Word Of The Year! (I Have Something MUCH Sexier In My Gucci Bag Of Branding Tricks.)


Move over, Word Of The Year!

I have something MUCH sexier in my Gucci bag of branding tricks.

Something easy and fun to create.

And that makes you UNFORGETTABLE.

Let’s get to work.

One of the EASIEST ways to align with your vibe is to create a lexicon packed with words and phrases that, like you, are undeniably unique.

Think about this …

Why be intentional, when you can be:


Why be spiritual when you can be


Why be driven when you can be


The brilliance of a lexicon is baked right into the word itself.

I mean … doesn’t ‘lexicon’ sound so much more enticing than ‘vocabulary list?’

‘Vocabulary list’ sounds like something you study in third grade for Friday’s test.

While ‘lexicon’ sounds like a supermodel-turned-entrepreneur who just closed a $30MM licensing deal on her clothing line.

Having a distinct lexicon for your brand will give you a distinct je ne sais quoi at zero cost.

It’s super fun to create, too!

Here are a few ways:

  • Browse magazine headlines
  • Study photo captions in said magazines
  • Look up the lyrics to your most-loved songs
  • Flip through poetry collections
  • Grab eloquent turns-of-phrase from your favorite writers

And, of course, take advantage of ChatGPT to help you out.

Use it regularly to identify words you fall back on (like soft, comfy pajamas) and find some sparkling substitutes that fit AND make you look and feel amazing. 

Once you start, you could find it as addictive as watching @tikatheiggy on TikTok!

Create a lexicon and add to it often.

And make the “Word Of The Year” positively green with envy.

Oh, and yes, I do have a word of the year.


Why? Because in 2024 I’m not letting my clients get away with one ounce of clutter in their businesses.

Everything is getting stripped-down. And styled up!