Business goals are out. Creative goals are in.


You may love your business, but even the phrase ‘business goal’ feels so very yawn-inducing.

Creative goals? Now that has some juice!

This turns “I want 50 new followers” into “What can I create that will have at least 50 new people falling at my feet?”

It turns “I need an editorial calendar” into “What story do I most want to tell?”

One is passive and dull. The other is exciting and motivating. And I know which one you want.


20 Seconds Of Insane Courage


We closed on our house 2 weeks ago. And that morning I was clinging to our house like a tree hugger clings to trees.

How could I not?

It was our home for the last 12 years.

Chad and I fell in love in that house – we even got married here.

We shared our home with pets & people – some staying on as lodgers for several years.

Our house was often called Hotel Erika & Chad!

So as I was getting myself all spiffed up for the closing––I was a hot mess.

Tears poured down my face as my new reality was sinking in.

I was officially saying goodbye to our home and moving on to the next chapter in our lives.

(What exactly that is? We’re not sure yet. Stay tuned … )

As I put on my big girl boots—black suede Cole Haan over the knee stilettos—cleaned up my smeared mascara, dabbed on some fresh lip gloss, I remembered a tip I’m constantly sharing with my clients whenever they need to face their fears. 

Something that’s so powerful it INSTANTLY shifts my energy.

Oh, you should know that I snagged this method from Matt Damon’s family-friendly movie, We Bought A Zoo …

Remember the part where Matt’s son is bummed because he desperately wants to tell his crush he loves her BUT he doesn’t want to make a fool out of himself?

Matt’s character has the best response.

‘Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery. And I promise you––something will come of it.’

Nailed it!

Read those words over and over and over again until it sinks in.

And then apply THE INSANE COURAGE FORMULA whenever you need a boost.


To be bold and brave, you only need 20 seconds.


Runway Drama: When Split Energy Takes The Stage


No one starts a business with this statement: I have a really bad idea. It doesn’t help anyone solve their problems. But who cares? I’ll turn my stupid idea into a business – because I love to waste my time, money & energy on ideas that don’t go anywhere.

You know your product or service is a difference maker. So how can a game-changing product or service perform so poorly in the marketplace?

Your energy is split.

Energy is the most powerful force on the planet. And if 100% of your energy isn’t behind your amazing product or service, it has no chance. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Think of it like this …

For your product or service to perform well, you have to take a surgical approach. A clean slice right to the heart of the matter. And not a let’s-just-poke-around-and-see approach. Scattered shots go nowhere because 100% of your energy isn’t behind your offering.

Ok. That’s a simple concept to grasp.

But what’s not so easy, is just how do you get 100% of your energy behind your product or service when you have distractions, fears & confusion?

Well the short answer is this: You must heal, transform, or shift your split energy.

Examples of split energy:

  • One foot in your business, one foot out because you’re thinking about getting a job.
  • Afraid of being the spotlight – what will your friends & family say?
  • Too many ideas – what if you choose the wrong one?

Or your energy is split because you feel ashamed over not being where you think you should be by now.

Gary Zukav says, “The Universe won’t let you forget what it is that you need to heal.”

And it’s true. If you’ve ever tried to drown your sorrows in a bottle of wine, you know that while you might experience some relief, the next morning when you look in the mirror, not only do you see dark circles, you also see those darn problems staring you in the face. 

Now let me be clear. 

Healing, transforming or shifting your split energy doesn’t necessarily mean that you should analyze the hell out of it – because that usually leads to more analysis paralysis.

Healing, transforming or shifting your split energy can be as simple & practical as finding a new:

  • Strategy
  • Perspective
  • Solution 

So that your energy is 100% focused on seeing your product or service succeed.

What distractions, fears & confusion do you need to heal in your business?

Make your list right now. 




And once you have your list, create your action plan to heal, shift, or transform your split energies.