Stripper Tip #29: Define ‘Stupid’

My first summer at the club, I had two customers in town from Japan. 

When they found out I was getting my apparel design degree and saving money for a Japanese sewing machine, they went bananas.

They told me they would buy dances from me all summer so I could purchase one of their country’s finest exports.

Sadly, on their last night in town, one of them couldn’t make it. 

So the remaining businessman brought a teddy bear in place of his friend and insisted that I dance for the stuffed animal. Read more

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Post Date: April 1, 2020

Simplicity Is The Full Realization Of Your Genius

Simplicity is the full realization of your genius.

It allows you to zero in and serve those people who are dying for your fine-tuned offer.


When you’re obsessed with what you’re selling and you know without a sliver of doubt that your product or service is the créme de la créme of your brilliance…

You have fierce, unshakeable Product Confidence.

The Product Confidence to…

: Create, to launch, to pitch

: Crank up your sales, and sell reliably and repeatedly

: Craft your next big idea

: Scale your product or service

So, how can you simplify your business? Read more

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Post Date: March 29, 2020

How I Get My Confidence (If You Love How I Market & Sell Read This)

Have you ever been wildly confident in one area of your life or in a past job…

But felt like your confidence was missing in action in your own business? 

This confidence dilemma hit me hard when I started my own business coaching consultancy.

Before 2005, I had a consistent track record of fierce, unshakable confidence.

As a stripper, I was bulletproof. The word “no” couldn’t phase me.

As a co-creator of a multi-million dollar commercial real estate investment business, I was a force with zero fear when it came to negotiating and selling. Read more

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Post Date: March 29, 2020