HAVING AN UGH-I-HATE SELLING MOMENT? (Here Are 3 Questions To Get You Back On Your Sales Game.)

Here are 3 questions I ask my clients to get them back on track.

1. If you were being of service (instead of trying to close a deal) – what would that feel like? How would you bring your desire to truly help people into your sales process?


2. If you were having fun (instead of trying to do it right) – what would you do differently? How would your enthusiasm for your business shine through? Read more

Post Date: November 12, 2018

DO YOU KNOW THESE FOXES? (They Make My Life Easier.)

Wanna know what 3 foxes make my business easier?

And get a saucy sales tip that’ll fire up your enthusiasm about selling?

Then keep reading, Sugar Bear :)

Selling isn’t about pushing your work in people’s faces.

It isn’t about ‘tactics’ or ‘metrics’ or ‘upselling’.

Selling is about how you help someone with a problem that drives them NUTS.

Or as my super-smart client Susan Burns, says …

“Selling isn’t about selling. It’s about making someone’s life easier.”

That’s right. Read more

Post Date: November 12, 2018


So much of my desire to help women succeed in sales comes from watching other sales coaches tell their audiences that success in selling is all about close rates.

“Get the deal done. No. Matter. What.”

And while yes, of course, you want to close the deal. You don’t want to become a transactional salesperson in the process.

Because when you’re a transactional salesperson – someone who tries to close the deal no matter what – you end up feeling like a hot dog vendor hawking wieners at the state fair. Read more

Post Date: November 12, 2018



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