When It’s Appropriate To Call A Women “GIRL”. And When It’s Not.

I’m obsessed with Selling Sunset on Netflix. But what I don’t love is when the brokers and the real estate agents refer to women on the show as “GIRLS”.

One of my biggest pet peeves.

Here’s the thing, this isn’t my first tango with the term. 

Back when I was stripping, our Managers would call us – you guessed it – “GIRLS”.

Derogatory. Demeaning even. In fact it’s such a pet peeve of mine, that I actively avoided it when I was writing my book, Think Like a Stripper. Read more

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Post Date: August 14, 2020

My Thoughts About Opt-Ins (Does Your Opt-In Belong In The Google Drive Graveyard?)

I believe…

1. Your opt-in should be so good that you’re FREAKISHLY excited to promote it when you’re being interviewed on a podcast.

Here’s the link for my opt-in, The Marketing Confidence Quiz that I share when I’m on a podcast. 

It’s also smart for your opt-in to have its own domain name. For example, I own TheMarketingConfidenceQuiz.com and MarketingConfidenceQuiz.com.

2. Your opt-in should be so good that you can’t wait to consistently share it on social media. Read more

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Post Date: July 22, 2020

Your Lifetime Access Has Been Revoked (I Did Something Unconventional)

I did something unconventional.

Back in 2013, I decided I wanted to ‘scale’ my coaching business, so I did what the industry leaders were doing.

I gave “lifetime access” to my programs, promising that no matter when you signed up, you’d be able to go through the program at your own convenience.

I noticed something interesting, though.

Nobody ever came to me two years after signing up for one of my programs and said:

“I finally found the time to independently study and implement everything in your program, and it transformed my business!” Read more

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Post Date: July 14, 2020