It’s A KKW World, We All Just Live In It


You know I love a big bold business move.

And you know the kind I mean…

Lil Nas X releasing a custom Satan themed shoe in tandem with his Montero video? The limited edition of 666 pairs at $1018 a pop sold out in less than a minute. Baller!

Allure magazine opening an experiential store (that’s IRL shopping, baby), just as big business is saying online is the only way to go? With high end beauty products curated by trusted editors, you know they opened their doors to a line around the block. Baller!

Stella McCartney partnering with Bolt Threads to make a sustainable leather substitute from…mushrooms? You can practically hear the fashion world shaking its head, “Oh, Stella.” But with sustainability being THE hot topic, along with the mushroom-leather Falabella tote selling like a 1700 dollar hot cake, guess who gets the last laugh? That total bad-ass baller, Stella. 

You know who else is making a seriously bold move?

Lady boss Kim Kardashian. 

You don’t have to like Kim – because she doesn’t care if you do. You don’t have to like anything about her. But to ignore her is to miss out on some serious business smarts.

Serious Business Smarts. #SBS. The woman is worth a billion dollars. Just ask Forbes. 

And what is Kim doing even as we speak?

She’s shutting down her KKW Beauty business. 

That’s right. Kim’s putting all her products on sale, then shuttering her site in order to, according to her IG post: 

“come back to you under an entirely new brand with new formulas that are more modern, innovative, and packaged under a sustainable new look.

“I’m excited to continue to develop and expand my product range and for you to finally be able to experience it the way that I have always envisioned,”


Okay – who knows what’s really going on behind the scenes at KKW Beauty. People speculate…

  • She’s selling more shares to Coty
  • She’s dropping the ‘West’ from her brand
  • She’s changing the company that creates her formulas

Or she’s getting sued.

But really, who cares? Because she’s doing something So Baller on a business level that it almost makes me scream. I’m actually screaming right now, can you tell?

Let’s break it down. 

Kim’s closing KKW Beauty. No apologies. She wants to do something new and different, and she’s not afraid to just cut the old, insanely successful brand out of her life. Boom, end of story.

She’s not pussyfooting around, asking her customer base what they want or what they’d like to see next. She’s got a vision, and she’s going to execute it. She’s going to tell her customer base what they want, just like she always has. 

She’s creating excitement. Every loyal fan is going to be hyperventilating and hitting their refresh button the day she rolls out her new brand. Even the haters are going to be there, because they can’t help themselves.

She’s creating a feeding frenzy. All her old products are going away, and her customers only have until August 1st to stock up on their favorites. You bet she’s going to sell out of everything.

And most important…

She’s controlling her own narrative. Again, who knows what’s going on behind the scenes. What we’re seeing is a powerful entrepreneur unapologetically making the choices that serve her creative vision best.

You can do all these things too, fancy lady. Trust me. 

You can change your branding on a dime. Your products. Your offerings. Anything you want, all it takes is making the decision and doing the thing. 

Make the bold move – it’ll look good on you!