Naughty Or Nice Marketing Tip


Many years ago, before I was with my handsome hubby Chad, I had a long-distance boyfriend who would fly across the country to visit me.

On one particular occasion, I decided I wanted to give him the time of his life. (Wink, wink.)

To make sure he was just as excited as I was about our romantic weekend, I decided to call him to get his input on what lingerie I should wear on our first night together.

BUT … I didn’t just want his opinion on whether I should wear my white-extra-lacy-bra-and-panties or my slick-black-patent-leather-merrywidow-with-silk-fishnets.

I wanted to make him squirm in hot anticipation!

So I picked up the phone …

HIM: Hello?

ME: Hey! So I’m planning my lingerie ensembles for this weekend. And I can’t decide what to wear. I was hoping you could help me choose.

HIM: Uh … yeah. Of course.

ME: On our first night together, do you want NAUGHTY? Or NICE?

HIM: GAHHH. You can’t make me decide that! That’s cruel. Can you please tell me exactly what you’ll be wearing when you’re naughty or nice?

ME: Nope. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see … Maybe I’ll be naughty. Maybe I’ll be nice. Bye.

A lady never divulges details that go on behind closed doors, but I can tell you that my boyfriend couldn’t book his flight fast enough to meet me that weekend. 

Now, I’m not just telling you this saucy story to get a rise out of you or whet your appetite … so to speak.

I’m sharing it because I want you to get your audience as hot & bothered and curious as my boyfriend was when I gave him the option of ‘naughty or nice’.

When you pique people’s curiosity, they will want to know more. Much more.

When you write marketing & sales copy, keep this in mind.

For example, which of these links would you click on?

EXHIBIT A: “Read my latest blog post!”

EXHIBIT B: “Want to know how I add 25 subscribers a day to my email list without spending a dime on advertising?”

(I don’t know about you, but I would click Exhibit B immediately.)

So, whether you choose to be naughty or nice …




And leave them scrambling to get more, more, MORE of you and your products and services.